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Review: Roadhog
Author: ACE_Spark
Added: 21/10/2002

Hmm, wierd. This entire game was made in four colours. And considering... er.. just read the review.. '

Story - Your some safety intructor who tells blind men when to cross the road, full of speeding cars that all look the same.

Graphics - I must say, I was impressed with these, considering he only used 4 colours!! They look amazingly detailed, if a bit small. The little men have 3 frames of animation for walking, but it's cute that they turn into little angels and fly up the heaven. How-ever, no matter how good the graphics actually look (honest!), all the cars are the same. Either people have been buying the same car because there was a sale on, or Mr Admin got lazy there. Whoops!

Sound FX - Trrr-trinK! Describes the sound fx used. Yes, read my words. Sound FX. Not Sound FXs.

Music - Gotta love that Megaman music. It's good to see people using the wicked music from the games. Here's what he used:
In Game - Megaman X
Title Screen - Ending.
Main Game - Launch Octopus.
Score Screen - Sigma Reforms.

Difficulty - The game's almost based on luck, and it's kinda easy at that too.

Gameplay - Click a button. You need to time it right tho. Otherwise your little Blind men get run over and get a one way ticket to heaven.

Controls - Use the left mouse button. Not too hard eh?

The game idea's something I tried once, except Andi actually carried it out well. It's so brillintly simple, but a bit too simple. Press a button? Not much gameplay there. While the graphics are actually quite good, the simple lack of any gameplay puts the score down.. alot..
Oh well. Still worth the download I say. The graphics are a must see, because their brillient for only 4 colours.


Main Praises - Great presentation for only 4 colours. Use of Megaman music.
Main Complants - Lack of any gameplay. Hardly any sounds. Cars all look the same.


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