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Review: Smack Youth (30 minigames in 1!)
Author: Mark
Added: 18/10/2002

What can I say, i'm stunned. Someone has created a game in Klik that i would go out of my way to play, and hold my attention. Everyone has heard of Eternal Daughter or Future Fantasy, and it's hard to deny that they are very good games. But this, this is my kinda game

Before I start let me mention that I am in the process of making a Mario Party Style Game called Panguin Party, but this doesnt half put it too shame.

30 minigames! yep 30. ok, some dont work on my pc, and some are alot better than others, but what i have played are very good. They all have great sound, with my favorite being the bandstand one, very cool.

This gmae hits you with quality straight away. How at the start, possibiliy in a nod to "Blind" by KoRn, the words R U READY pop up on screen, followed by TO PARTY? then the Reekotek logo pops up and music plays. Very well done.

The one player mode is good, but the multiplayer mode is where the fun is to be had. 10 mini games in this section, some edited versions of the one player mode (but the dire go kart racers is there-possibliy the worst game in the game, thank God the one player mode doesnt work lol) and a few new ones. The falling dream is very cool, ne of the highlights.

The graphics are very well designed, and keep that cool cartoony theme throughout the game. The sound is suitible, especially the Nookie Midi.

i can see myself playing this agin in the near future(2moro lol) and its the kind of game ull ant to play on Christmas eve, before you get your Gamecube or X-Box or whatever(yep us Brits get things slow lol)

overall, very well done, but heres a few tips for improvements....

*3 mini games crash on my pc in one player mode, is this just me or can no1 else play Big Swat, etc?

*Make the font a bit smaller so i can see how many mini games i have left

*add a tornement mode, which selcets random mini games 4 u, with a set number, say 5, and have a sperate high score table

*make the time on Kart racers a little less

*maybe time activated mini games like haloween etc, like panguin party has lol. if they already in here, good lol

ok thats it, well like I said, very well done, and thank you 4 making this game!


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