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Review: Star Guard
Author: SircatmaN
Added: 15/10/2002

Star Guard is a game which resembles one of the GAMEPAK games that came with Klik & Play, Condition Red??? I forgot the name anyways...

The game is fun to play for a while. You shoot bullets at other bullets to stop them from hitting your buildings. There is an Evil UFO above that keeps dropping more bullets or bombs or popcorn on your butter covered buildings. When you shoot the alien popcorn you get more ammo. Now, shooting the alien popcorn can get kind of frustrating, but thats what makes you want to keep at the game. I also wasted about 50 ammo just trying to shoot the indestructable UFO... The game does get a bit repetative though, infact it gers real repetative real fast.

The graphics are nice and simple which gives the game the bright colourful Yoshi's Island feel. They are all original so bonus points there.

Overall its a pretty game, but you want people to play the game more than once. And sadly Star Guard doesn't do that.
Not a Great game and not a bad one either - An Average game to play when you get bored.


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