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Review: Diceies
Author: :JULI@N:
Added: 13/10/2002

Wow, i have to say that this is a vey good game. I like it very much.

I like that it can be two player. The presentation is well done. Music is fantastic. The only thing I dont like is having to change the number of the dice you shoot because it is very annoying that you want for example the number 2, then you start pressing shift, you press the key one more time for accident and you get number 3, then you must pass again 4 5 ... well, but i guess it would be very easy then...

About, the lastability, i dunno, it depends how many time you want to spend trying to beat your score but I guess you play it like a time waster (when you are bored, i mean)

Overall, the game is very recommended (well, i liked it, i dunno about you)


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