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Review: Tops the pig 2 (demo)
Author: ACE_Spark
Added: 09/10/2002

First impressions:

To start off, I played this guy's demo before the first game.
The demo is three levels, but since I can't get past the first, i'll class this as a first impression.

Story - You are a pig called Tops and you go around throwing punches at enemies (quite litterarly!), and you need to collect stars to open gateways.

Graphics - Overall, the graphics are very good. 4 frames for walking isn't much, but who cares? The backgrounds look very neat, and so do the turtle enemies. How-ever, theres no special effects at all. No explosions (not even the libary ones, and don't use them Andy!), no disappearing for enemies, no nothing. How-ever the menu screen is nice.

Sound FX - There are no sound effects. Remember to add them Andy.

Music - I must say this, the game has a very cool sound track, I especialy like the first level music. I also reconised some peices, such as the 2nd level is from Mario Land 2.

Difficulty - The game isn't easy, I'll say that. I couldn't get past the 2nd level because it took too long. Change it.

Gameplay - The game uses the basic platform movement, but it isn't noticable. The game basicly runs flawlessly, how-ever the shooting, isn't very good. I suggest you change it, because the shooting is very buggy.

Controls - As said above, the only problem was the shooting. Otherwise, their fine.

Overall, the game is very good so far, and I hope he finishes it and changes the 2nd level a bit. Good job!
The game still needs improvement, tho.


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