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Project: Divided Nations [Discontinued]
Project Started: 14th February, 2010 Last Update: 27th February, 2010
Project Owner: WillWill Project Members:
Project Type: MMORPG by using Skype. Project Progress:
More Info: nevar! Faves: 2

Project Overview  
Preview This is basically a game that you play by talking to a bot on Skype. Below are the current goals I have for the bot. New goals are added frequently, so be on the lookout for the goodies appearing on here!

= Currently working on
= Working with sometimes
= Occasionally working on it

Primary Goals
Ability to train units (100%)
Ability to build structures (100%)
Unit upgrading (100%)
Using explorers to find resources (100%)
Upgradeable buildings (25%)
Turn-generation (60%)
Using explorers to find technology (0%)
Using explorers to expand your kingdom in acres (0%)
Using explorers to find other members (0%)
Implement the use of land/acres (0%)
Show available units when writing /train, and making a similar style to /upgrade and /build and so on (0%)

Secondary Goals
Making buildings require acres of land to be built (0%)

Misc Features
An "/ask" command to assist with all the commands (100%)
A decent list of categories to pick from with "/ask" command (5%)
Confirmation prompts (95%)

Questions are welcome in the public board, where there is also a FAQ that tells you more exactly what this game is about.

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By: WillWill
On: 20th Feb 10, 04:24:50
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Support for MSN will be added!
Posted 27th Feb 10, by WillWill Post A Comment
I've found the right resources, now I just need to gather the strength to unify the stuff with my existing project.

I'll try to update this place, but this might take a while to get through.
Implementing multi-messenger support.
Posted 23rd Feb 10, by WillWill 4 Comments
Since I'm currently unemployed, I get the same problem every night; I think too much.

Either way, lately I've been thinking about adding support for Windows Live Messenger (MSN) to my bot. The thing is, if I do this early, I'll be able to change the code environment I have now more easily, while doing it later will require a lot more reworking.

Next time I'm in a programming session I will make sure to check if there exists an API for WLM/MSN, and if C# is supported in it.

* Increase the amount of users playing the game, rather than just the Skype community which is by far less popular than the WLM/MSN community.
* Would be able to let me use custom emoticons for each building/unit on WLM.

* This could make me lose some Skype users who prefer using WLM. I'm an avid Skype-fanatic, so to me, this would be a bit depressing to make some people unable to realize how good Skype is.
* Since I have no idea what the MSN/WLM API's can provide me, I might be unable to do some things that I can currently do in skype, limiting some of the possibilities that Skype users would have by playing Divided Nations.
* I don't like WLM. Doing this would be selling a part of my soul for publicity.. But hell, I want to be successful don't I? At least I'll have some soul crumbs left.

I found some resources here:

I will check this out later on, so nothing's set in stone here. I wish I could ask the people on this place to give their opinion about this, but somehow I don't expect much due to the current activity in this project page.
Mini-interview about the Battle System.
Posted 22nd Feb 10, by WillWill Post A Comment
So I didn't get any work today, but my friends on martin2k suggested I should post the stuff I told them on Skype that I currently have in my mind.. And since I can't be bothered rephrasing it, I'll simply be copy-pasting it.

Edit: Besides, I'm trying to make something new here, so I'm very dependant on the user's feelings towards this game. Posting this will hopefully make some people anticipate this game, or hell, posting his own opinion would be enough to let me be one step ahead in development.

[Skype conversation between me, sumo and cakespear from the Zombie Swarm project]

WillWill: middle ages kinda
sumo148: WWII? Modern warfare?
WillWill: magical stuff included
sumo148: middle ages...
WillWill: perhaps mythical ages is the right word
sumo148: do you have like your own castle?
sumo148: and all your supplies goes in there?
WillWill: Yeah I suppose, even though I haven't implemented the ability to have castles yet
WillWill: right now it's more of a village type
sumo148: so you have knights, archers, magicians, etc?
WillWill: yep
sumo148: that sorta thing?
WillWill: well kind of
sumo148: is there gonna be a battle system?
WillWill: I'm planning to add in "exotic" things as well
sumo148: like /attack WillWill
WillWill: yes, I have great plans for the attack sequence
WillWill: but none decided
sumo148: and then you can be like, "choose your attack:" [stab] [lunge] [block]
sumo148: like a turn based battle system
sumo148: Rami missed you!
WillWill: Well what I've figured so far
sumo148: you delt 20 damage to Cakespear's knight
WillWill: Is that a turn-based battle system is going to be frustrating, as people can show their status as offline just to avoid being attacked for example.
WillWill: And rather than attacking with one single unit, you'll be attacking with armies.
sumo148: cant you make it so you cant attack another person if you "seem to be offline"
WillWill: it doesn't matter. Even if that was possible, a person could still maximize his safety by not being logged in more than what's necessary
WillWill: What I'm planning to have is.. *starts writing a long piece of message*
sumo148: |-(
WillWill: You write /attack <user>, and the game will give you a summary of your army's attributes, your current morale, weather conditions, etc.
WillWill: Once you've confirmed that you wish to attack the person, the battle commences, and you'll be fighting against the other person's defense, not against the person himself, as in, not a turn-based battle but rather a player-vs-defense kind of way
WillWill: During the battle, you will be given different options. Lets say just for an example that the game asks you if you wish to let the men taunt the opponent by going in an everything-or-nothing attack straight towards the enemy, or try to move swiftly without being noticed, then raise the panic from inside. Depending on the opponents defense, the different options would give different results. For example, the quiet-type of attack gives an additional 10% damage to all your units if the opponents spies/towers don't notice them, but if not, it will get some of your soldiers caught and killed instead.
sumo148: omg, too much writing
WillWill: Also if it looks like you're losing, the game will ask you if you'd like to retreat in order to save some of your men, or give it your all with the few military units remaining. Giving it your all might just turn the game, because there will be a slight chance that your soldiers receives an additional 50% damage (for example).
sumo148: cool
WillWill: If you'd win, you'd also be able to choose what you wish to take from the opponent, like technologies, resources, villagers, acres of land, etc.
sumo148: you should write this in a devlog O_O more publicity there
WillWill: I suppose you're right
sumo148: sounds good
WillWill: It's just that I have so much of this in my head, I barely have the energy to summarize everything on a devlog when noone cares anyway. I mainly wrote this stuff to see for myself how much sense it makes.
Confirmation Prompt + Help/Ask Command
Posted 21st Feb 10, by WillWill 2 Comments
A productive night indeed!

Feast on these new screenshots, for I have successfully added a confirmation system and a brand new /ask command.


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