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Project: MrPineapple
Project Started: 13th May, 2009 Last Update: 7th February, 2010
Project Owner: MrPineapple Project Members:
Project Type: anthropomorphic platforming fruit funs Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview In a world of anti-hero robotics specialists, The Mad Science society and lots of platforms and spikes.... MrPineapple awakes in a lab. The lab infact of professor powel an utterly insane disfigured fruit and vegetable obsessed 2 time mad scientist of the year award winner gone rogue.
He created MrPineapple and other fruit people in order to eat them in some sort of grotesque sentient fruit salad. Obviously MrPineapple makes a break for it.
MrPineapple must escape and survive. What challenges are in store for him? play through and find out.....

a remake of the original MrPineapple game from 1998/99 basically its just a new piney game loosely based on the original! if you havnt guessed this is for Werewoof's compo.

ok the story of how the game came about goes something like this:
in 1998 a friend and i thought up the a little pineapple who started out as pacing death prone lemming sort of character originally intended as some sort of mascot. later that year i got access to a blisteringly fast (athlon 600mhz) PC and the games factory. i'm sure you can see where this is going. i couldnt think of any character so i used piney!

MrPineapple's audience was the kids at school who would use the computer rooms at lunch time. being the rebel i was i kept making piney games and installing them onto the school's server

the lite demo NGC1 version thing is here for download

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1 9 I'm excited
By: Wiiman (Evan)
On: 3rd Aug 09, 04:21:48
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excuses excuses .. aaand relax!
Posted 7th Feb 10, by MrPineapple 3 Comments
i must admit this has been rather too low on my priority list... although just lately i have been thinking about it a lot. i'm going into hospital tomorrow and what little time i'll have on the computer will be spent continuing to test the crap out of wake. that and i need to reformat. windows 7 beta is about to run out and i've decided against purchasing it.

i will get back to this, i simply have to.. i've put way too much work into it to give up now. but real life is getting in the way of the important things... ie clicking!

dont see this update as a cry for attention its more a list of excuses for not having finished this project yet.
please sir i need an extension on my project
Posted 25th Nov 09, by MrPineapple 5 Comments
just like the trains rather than admit to my hideous lateness i'm just going to redefine the time it's due and hope nobody notices! yeah thats one less delay technically in my track record.

i AM still working on this, just compiling some scripts and getting voice actors sorted. also i still have some bosses and secret levels to make.
also discovered a new bug which is enough to make me rip out a little hair.

i'm currently doing a lot of material for james AND trying to set up a band so i'm fairly thinly spread at the moment. oh that and i pumped about 100+ (according to steam) hours into borderlands since it's release

i was really hoping this project wouldnt run into 2010 but its looking like it will now!
i'm still heeere
Posted 4th Oct 09, by MrPineapple 4 Comments
ive been out of the clicking business for some time now which isnt good!

it's taken me a little while to get comfortable with windows 7 so ive barely got anything done, only just started working on this again the other day but one thing of interest is i'm giving HWA a go. dont expect a million post effects on everything, thats not my goal i may include the occasional subtle thing ... then again i may not. my main purpose for this is to hopefully get it running better and potentially on slower PCs.

umm.... i need to go through every single level and make updates to things. ive recently played through and spotted a million and one bugs and other horrible smelly things about the game that i hate. (as a direct result of this the completion % thingy on this page has gone BACKWARDS )

i am very very busy with a whole load of bossbaddie related stuff... this is nor the time or the place to talk about that though!
AWARD WINNING new piney... tee and/or hee
Posted 3rd Aug 09, by MrPineapple 2 Comments
i must say if this isnt encouragement then i dont know what is! trouble is i have real life problems encroaching on my game makey time at present. also another thing in the way is that i'm building a new PC so i need to reinstall everything and so on and so fourth which is a little destracting. still......

some stuff i'm still to put in:

the final bosses

that last level

jumpthrough platforms (since i sort of realised how easy they are to do!)

voice acted cutscenes (dont know if i said about this before but yeah)

ummmm... final boss and ending credits themes

OH and a secret THING!

for any interested i am compiling a full soundtrack for this game with extended versions and so on.. it'll be free because i dont have the gaul to charge for things

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