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Project: MrPineapple
Project Started: 13th May, 2009 Last Update: 19th April, 2021
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Project Type: anthropomorphic platforming fruit funs Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview In a world of anti-hero robotics specialists, The Mad Science society and lots of platforms and spikes.... MrPineapple awakes in a lab. The lab infact of professor powel an utterly insane disfigured fruit and vegetable obsessed 2 time mad scientist of the year award winner gone rogue.
He created MrPineapple and other fruit people in order to eat them in some sort of grotesque sentient fruit salad. Obviously MrPineapple makes a break for it.
MrPineapple must escape and survive. What challenges are in store for him? play through and find out.....

a remake of the original MrPineapple game from 1998/99 basically its just a new piney game loosely based on the original! if you havnt guessed this is for Werewoof's compo.

ok the story of how the game came about goes something like this:
in 1998 a friend and i thought up the a little pineapple who started out as pacing death prone lemming sort of character originally intended as some sort of mascot. later that year i got access to a blisteringly fast (athlon 600mhz) PC and the games factory. i'm sure you can see where this is going. i couldnt think of any character so i used piney!

MrPineapple's audience was the kids at school who would use the computer rooms at lunch time. being the rebel i was i kept making piney games and installing them onto the school's server

the lite demo NGC1 version thing is here for download

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By: Otter
On: 3rd Aug 09, 04:21:48
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Posted 19th Apr 21, by MrPineapple 1 Comment
it's quite amusing how janky and awful some of the code is in this engine. i'm sure that had something to do with abandoning it in the first place.

but heres the thing though: all the regular levels are done, all that's needed is a couple more bosses (though those are quite hard to make) and the little dialogue story bits between each world. this was originally going to be a huge part of the game with voice acting blah blah etc etc but i'll scale it back to something more sensible and texty i think. it's still going to be a bugger regardless.

my plan for this game is to basically release it as is. bugs n' all. i mean it was pretty close to being feature complete in 2010 so this shouldnt be as difficult as entirely remaking the ruddy thing (re-re-reeee-making?) as would be required to get it up to modern standards.

this is a click game from 2009 and it plays like one. programmed and designed by a musician. it will remain so. i'm just seeing if i can finish it for the sake of closure and also to try and ease myself back into click generally.

i've upped the completion percentage according to the little bits and bobs i've added these past couple weeks and the reduced scope of parts i havent added in yet. (what was my obsession with voice acted cutscenes in click games anyway?)

lets all go eat some pineapple. it's good for you.
what?.. i didn't forget about this for 11 years, YOU forgot about this for 11 years.
Posted 4th Apr 21, by MrPineapple 4 Comments
i'll level with you guys (if any of you remain)... i might possibly have maybe stopped working on this game just a little. but here are some excuses conveniently arranged in chronological order:

2010 i had hit three creative brick walls. one was i couldnt think of what to do with the last 3 boss battles i needed to make and 2 i was trying to migrate the game over to the HWA build of MMF (which i believe was still in beta back then) and it didnt support a vital effect when piney dies. but most importantly i had story and dialogue written and no comprehension of how to actually animate. a little too overambitious.

2010-13 was all about bossbaddie for me. remember that? yeah it was that time when james and i released some games on steam, got snapped up by a publisher and did gaming expos and a PS vita version and everything. we even met totalbiscuit which was pretty surreal. fun while it lasted. i kind of left piney 09ey behind at that point but always assuming i'd go back to it eventually. after that my focus turned to forming that rock band and writing those albums i always wanted to be doing so i did that for a while. (still on bandcamp if you're curious).

around that time when life was good i upgraded my ancient knackered PC and finally made the switch from a 4:3 CRT screen from out of a skip in the mid 90s to a good quality widescreen flat bugger which i still have to this day. thus i think i chose wisely with my purchase. anyway when i finally dug out the piney 09ey project files again i realised that to my horror i'd have to go back through every single level and redesign all of them to fit widescreen. every non scrolling area was wrong and i honestly couldnt be bothered to rearange every single one.

2013-15 at this point i was composing music on a daily basis and basically at the top of my game, throwing jingles at anyone who asked on twitter, scoring games of course and also some stuff for a group of youtube comedy blokes. my own game making became something i didn't even think about

2016 was the year of antidepressants (no story is complete without those) and the realisation that not working a real job was becoming a problem. can't coast on that sweet sweet bossbaddie money forever.

and so in 2017 i got a shitty manual labouring job and forgot about all this stuff. turns out being physically exchausted all the time murders your creativity. who knew eh? i did have killer abs though. oh my.

twenty covidy nineteeny however has allowed me some time to look back at old stuff again and would you believe it i still have the piney project files! perhaps i should just crap it out as is and give it to history. or see if i can finish it in it's old 4:3 non HWA awful art janky engine state. some modifications would still be needed i think. but hey...

how hard can it be right?

i mean i havent felt that MMF mojo for donkeys years at this point, opening fusion just feels weird and daunting but i'm sure that's how it was in 1998 when i started too.

oh and yes if i do this the name will officially change to piney 09ey! heheh. andy and i have been calling it that for years now.

PS. this post is so long it might make the TDC servers explode and i'm not even sorry. POW!
excuses excuses .. aaand relax!
Posted 7th Feb 10, by MrPineapple 3 Comments
i must admit this has been rather too low on my priority list... although just lately i have been thinking about it a lot. i'm going into hospital tomorrow and what little time i'll have on the computer will be spent continuing to test the crap out of wake. that and i need to reformat. windows 7 beta is about to run out and i've decided against purchasing it.

i will get back to this, i simply have to.. i've put way too much work into it to give up now. but real life is getting in the way of the important things... ie clicking!

dont see this update as a cry for attention its more a list of excuses for not having finished this project yet.
please sir i need an extension on my project
Posted 25th Nov 09, by MrPineapple 5 Comments
just like the trains rather than admit to my hideous lateness i'm just going to redefine the time it's due and hope nobody notices! yeah thats one less delay technically in my track record.

i AM still working on this, just compiling some scripts and getting voice actors sorted. also i still have some bosses and secret levels to make.
also discovered a new bug which is enough to make me rip out a little hair.

i'm currently doing a lot of material for james AND trying to set up a band so i'm fairly thinly spread at the moment. oh that and i pumped about 100+ (according to steam) hours into borderlands since it's release

i was really hoping this project wouldnt run into 2010 but its looking like it will now!

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