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Project: DOT - The Game
Project Started: 18th April, 2009 Last Update: 23rd April, 2009
Project Owner: caccolothemeaning Project Members:
Project Type: Retro Dungeon Game & Level Editor Project Progress:

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Hello there!

Now the engine of the game is 98% complete I decided to open up a new project for it.

The game itself is inspired by those late '80s game you found for the dear old 286, strictly designed in monochrome and where two sprites couldn't being in the same spot at the same time.

The aim of the game (so far) is to collect all the coins within every level in the shortest time possibile, avoiding monsters, traps and being trapped by wrongly pushing some blocks.

Of course it will have a level editor too!

I've uploaded a couple of videos on YouTube about the gameplay and the level editor.

Give them a look and let me know what do you think, sugestions, crithics and so on!




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2 11 Very Cool : )
By: caccolothemeaning
On: 23rd Apr 09, 14:35:08
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Heya folks! Levels needed!
Posted 23rd Apr 09, by caccolothemeaning 1 Comment
I'm designing levels over levels (are about 10 now) but I plan to reach a very high number of them.

I know The Mighty Sketchy is designing a new level editor where you can customize tiles and build your own worlds/dungeons but for the main game I keep using the editor already released to public.

(And which you can find it here: )

So if you wish so, I'd like some custom levels made by interested players!

A game made for players by players is my motto!

C'mon show me what you've got!
Level Editor Released!
Posted 20th Apr 09, by caccolothemeaning 4 Comments
I've decided to release the beta version of the DOT Editor.

It is in beta just because all the tiles haven't been designed yet and because the Mighty Sketchy seems to have something in particular in mind I really don't want to miss!

Keep in touch mates!

Download page:
(May not been accepted by administrators yet... hold on...)
"The Story So Far" Completed!
Posted 20th Apr 09, by caccolothemeaning Post A Comment
Here you are the "intro" of the game.

Why one must go venture inside a dark and evil dungeon only to collect a bunch of coins?

There are always them behind a man troubles...


A Story So Far...
Posted 19th Apr 09, by caccolothemeaning Post A Comment
Added a classic story beneath the bitskin of this retro game.

Also added frames to explain the story so far reached.

Some hints about it...

Two youngs
A forbidden love
An evil Count (and father unfortunately...)
And a hidden dungeon used to separate this sad love...

Two special coins...

PS: Thanks to Zephni for his LUA Dialogue!
( )

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