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Project: 2.5 Dimensional Platforming useful for BEATemUPS
Project Started: 21st January, 2009 Last Update: 6th October, 2009
Project Owner: MBK Project Members:
Project Type: Experimental Engine for MMF/TGF 1 or 2 Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview A simple way to create platforms at any height for a 2.5D beatemup or an altogether new category of videogame.

OPENSOURCE code downloads located under the "Public Forum" on this page.
No extensions were used in the making of this engine.
.gam files can be loaded into TGF1, TGF2, MMF1, and MMF2.

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4 18 OPEN SOURCE as I go
On: 29th Sep 09, 05:10:22
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Temporary Endings
Posted 6th Oct 09, by MBK 4 Comments
I think maybe the next thing to add should be the sky barrier so noone will be tempted to walk up into nothing. If I even continue with this that is ...

... because I'm beginning to really wish for a complete re-design of my code.
I think it's about time for me to figure out the easy way now. So that's probably what I'll do next.
But I'm not going to post it. At least that is the current mode of thought that I have.
I just don't think anyone cares enough to use it.

There still hasn't been a game made with this engine.
Either my code is too complex for them to understand or just too overcomplicated for them to wish to use it. Either way, there's no sense to continue on until I redesign the entire engine from scratch.

After making a better version and not posting it, I'll return to the overcomplicated code that's already here and attempt to add water and swimming into it. Then I'll try adding vines to swing on.
Last but not least I'll add in some enemies/bosses.
And then only remains the final touches and extra platform graphics, etc.

If someone makes a game of any sort with the code I have here so far, it'd be more than just nice to see.
In fact, I'm going to base the final decision as to if I should post my complete re-design here at TDC on whether or not someone uses the current engine.

I plan on making one with it myself eventually, but there's ALOT of other things that I want/need to do first.

Thank You to everyone who has followed this project.
(especially those here from the very start)
2.5d Platforming Project is now Officially and Temporarily on hold for a complete re-design.

Thank You.
Posted 2nd Oct 09, by MBK 4 Comments
If you haven't seen this newest addition to the code, you really should take a look.

SPACEBAR to skip the intro.
SPACEBAR to jump off walls.

Thank You.

SLOPES in 2.5d !!!!!
Posted 29th Sep 09, by MBK Post A Comment
Here's the link to my latest code.
It has some fancy slopes in it.
Have Fun!
Adding Slopes Soon
Posted 25th Sep 09, by MBK 2 Comments
I've figured out a simple way to add slopes into this project and while it won't be perfect, it will still be very good.

Finally I am inspired enough to continue working on this and I have now begun my slope experiments! I'll probably have slopes finished sometime next week. (I won't be working on any coding for any project until after this weekend)

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