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Project: Duck, Duck, Goose!
Project Started: 19th October, 2007 Last Update: 19th October, 2007
Project Owner: JPMarkey (Jambo) Project Members:
Project Type: Misc Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Okay, I haven't made anything in MMF in a very, very long time, so I thought I'd start off with a small mini-game solely based around a drawing of a duck I drew on the front of my citizenship paper (of which i got my lowest grade in, by the way - probably because i spent most of the test drawing the duck but anyway...)

Duck, Duck.... Goose!

3 Cards, 3 Cones, 1 Decision
You decide...

Special Features

+ One off tutorial (it only plays the first time you run the application

+ A extra mini game if you find the two ducks

+ A goose... yer, there aren't that many special features.


Basically, two duck 'cards' are hidden under cones with the finally cone covering a single goose card. There are three rounds, where in each you have to pick a cone and avoid picking the goose cone.

If you beat the three rounds you unlock a separate mini game.

Hope you like the screens.

Just remember, this is basically to get me back into MMF, don't expect much.

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