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Project: Developer Notepad 2
Project Started: 27th March, 2005 Last Update: 27th March, 2005
Project Owner: JPMarkey (Jambo) Project Members:
Project Type: Misc Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Well, DN2 is my active project at the moment, one of the few projects i actually enjoy. Mainly because i have had people say how good DN was (even though it wasn't) and people like Steve from Newklear showing me sites they have made from it. Not only because of others, but because of myself. I used Developer Notepad alot. And i used to use DN2 alot before my laptop crashed.

But now, finally, i've got around to working on it. And all the excitment has come back, and i'm enjoying making it. So far just the main screen. But, so far, so good. I am very pleased with it, and it's even better than what it was before laptop crashed!

Now, the features;

8 Tabs
100+ scripts
Online Help
Ask a question
No loading time, for practically everyone.
Advanced colouring
Welcoming Screen, that welcomes you using your name
Linkage with my site

The main point of this application, is that there's no un needed parts like so many programs just to make them look professional. Just what you want and need to make a webpage. It also downloads tutorials from my site so you can learn html, php.

By the way, i still have about half the coding of the old DN2. So that'll come in useful

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