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Project: Recoil (working title)
Project Started: 12th March, 2005 Last Update: 12th March, 2005
Project Owner: Chrisbo Project Members:
Project Type: Puzzle Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Well this is my latest project. I've gotten sick of working on Astro Man 2. My main issue was creating levels - the way I was doing it in Astro Man was kind of lame, so I decided to try and write another game with instant load/save abilities and external files. I made a tile based editor, and then said, hey, why not make a clone of Diamonds, that sweet-ass game I used to play on my old mac? So I decided that's what I would do. And here we are. The game will feature:

- 50 levels (about 20 are done currently)
- MOD/MP3 soundtrack (depending on which guy supplies music for me)
- Level editor
- Probably some other stuff that I haven't thought of yet

Anyway, I'm pretty excited about this game, hopefully it gets finished. Basically the core of the game is done, I just need to finish the rest of the levels, menu screens, game over screen, intro, that sort of stuff. What's really cool is that there is only one frame that houses the whole game, and when you finish a level it restars the frame and loads the next level instantly. I'm pretty proud of it, I was pulling my hair out trying to get it to work perfectly the way I wanted it, and I was fortunately able to. So...yeah that's it.

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