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Project: Painting Time -Updated Preview-
Project Started: 19th November, 2004 Last Update: 19th November, 2004
Project Owner: JPMarkey (Jambo) Project Members:
Project Type: Misc Project Progress:

Project Overview  
You may have seen that a while ago i submitted a demo of this game. Then i didn't work on it since i got bored with MMF.

But today at about 11:30pm i decided to see if i could make any advances on it. I changed the main level entry part and it looks much better

Anyway, onto the features;
5 Levels
Online highscores
Moving clouds
Different coloured brushes
Moving obstacles

The levels are no where near done. At the moment they use the graphics Hayo did for Newklear Minigolf. But as he's kinda busy he hasn't had time to do anymore for it. So the levels may or may not include those graphics. I'm thinking of just adding an extra obstacle to the forest.

Another idea is to add snakes that slither along put you can trap them with your painting as you go along but you can't touch them with your brush.

Obviously as it's going to have online highscores it'll be really pointless just playing the game over and over again for points. So if you beat it there will be a never ending minigame where you can get loads of points. I'm thinking an up - down shooter or something.

Anyway, if you go check the demo out it has some really horrible backgrounds!

So the things i have changed since last time;
The level entry page
Some more animations

Now that i've got that all out of the way i'll get to the main description of the game....

This game has a platformer engine for the level entry page and the main part is sort of like snake, but done with paint. each time you beat a level the next level's gate opens up. You CAN NOT go back to a level you have just beaten, unless you restart the game

This is going to be the first installment in the series. And there will be two others. One is going to be a two to four player game where you cover as much of the screen as possible and whoever covers the most wins. Ok, going a little off the main description.....

I'd like to know what you think of the screenshots so far and if you can see anything that looks wrong.



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