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Project: iPublish 2004
Project Started: 15th April, 2004 Last Update: 15th April, 2004
Project Owner: gizmo Project Members:
Project Type: Misc Project Progress:

Project Overview  
After some time away from MMF, im back in development. Building upon all the goodness that brought you iPublish, iPublish 2004 is a pretty major step up. Heres a quick overview of the features.

* Full MDI Engine - Shouldve been in originally

* Better plugin systems and SDK - Soon to be released.

* Faster loading - No need for a splash screen now

* Faster running - Far more optimized code and systems make it the fastest version yet.

* Much more functionality - iPublish 1 wasnt amazing for features and HTML options, iPublish 2004 delivers the functionality where its needed.

* Brand new sidebar - Insert html, get help, find usefull links all in one standardized and fully pluginable interface.

* Brand new insert methods - Adding tags and code blocks is easier and better thanks to much more descriptive dialogs.

* Totally revamped interface - And i thought iPublishes looks couldnt be improved upon Cleaner, better presented dialogs and custom controls allow for faster and more pleasant interaction.

* Better customisation - Change almost every aspect of iPublishes functionality.

* Obviously much more, theres still a while before it gets released and in that time, craploads will be added.

The screenies dont show the colour engine as its being worked on elsewhere, but that will also be vastly improved and optimized.

Keep your eyes peeled for summer 2004 im trying not to overhype this as that normally hits you in the face in the click community

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