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Project: Level Password Sniffer
Project Started: 10th September, 2003 Last Update: 10th September, 2003
Project Owner: DeadmanDines Project Members:
Project Type: Misc Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Well, I've asked around on a few forums, and no one seemed to have any moral problems with this application at all, so here goes (if you do have a problem with it, by all means do say so. It won't be released if many dissagree with it):

Password Sniffer scans TGF *.gam files for the level names and passwords, and displays them. That's it. It only scans level passwords, not custom ones made with events, of course. It also does not rip ANY media from the games whatsoever, nor does it unprotect them, although future versions may display the game's icon.

It's a simple, small window. All you do is drag a *.gam file onto the window, and it'll sift through it and list the levels and passwords in a tree view. Levels appear as folders, and the password for that level as an item underneath it. A brief box of general game info is also displayed, containing info like 'Author', 'Game title', 'Number of levels', and so on.

The application is in the very late stages of completion. Mostly it's just beta-testing, bug-squishing, and writing the documentation for it.

Naturally, since 50% of the reason I made this is to encourage people to advance, there will be a *.gam tutorial on how to create event-driven password systems for those who don't know.

In Summary, here are the notes about it:

+Supports *.gam files made with TGF (but not KNP)
+Supports both protected and unprotected files.
+Only reads valid level passwords.
+Reads level names too.
+Support for Click & Create *.cca files expected some time soon, but not in the first release.
+Possible support for MMF *.exes in future versions, but this will depend on the results of much research into the format. Don't expect that any time soon.
+Small window, simple interface.
+Very quick.

Again, just post your views if you want, and if you do disagree with releasing this app, then I will consider not releasing it. (although I personally see no problem with it)

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