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Project: Top Sword
Project Started: 4th June, 2003 Last Update: 12th August, 2008
Project Owner: SevenT2 - [GameStormers] Project Members:
Project Type: RPG Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Preview ****************************************
* Overview

The new Top Sword is sporting some (in my opinion) pretty cool and more complex features then i could program before.

Top Sword is a Role Playing Game i've been working on for some time now, some of you may have played the old version on my website a while back.. Well, i decided to rebuild the engine from scratch.

* Downloads

Latest Beta Release:

Current Download: 0.184
Latest Version: 0.186
(Basically, your not seeing all that there is to offer but i'm too lazy to update all the time)

* Controls

Arrow Keys - Move Player
Shift - Interact with world
Ctrl - Access Menu/Cancel
Enter - Access Quick Information Screen/Confirm Actions

Test Controls:
Press "n" for 15 EXP

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3 8 Huh?
By: <<BaZzMaN>>
On: 4th Feb 08, 03:16:13
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Oh my god, he posted an update!
Posted 12th Aug 08, by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] Post A Comment
Note: This will be updated correctly when I get home.

I've made a 640x480 Player for Top Sword, due to the rapidly increasing screen resolutions and decreasing support for smaller resolutions.

I'll hopefully be releasing a playable demo soon with proper story content instead of just engine demos!

Screenshots and more info when i get home!
1.88 Details!
Posted 3rd Feb 08, by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 2 Comments
+ Made a difficult transition over to MMF2!
+ You can now use your own images for your avatar in game!
+ Game now utilises layers to ensure things stay how they are meant too.
+ Added some more graphics and stuff.
+ More Bugfixes.


0.184 Up For Testing!
Posted 19th Jan 08, by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] Post A Comment



* Now up to 4 saves.
* Cleaner HUD design.
* New items engine. (Much more gamey feel.)
* A few general bug fixes.
* Notifications Engine (I'll reveal a bit more on that soon!)

I'll be revealing some of the storyline soon as well! I'd like to think its pretty original, tried to make it not a cliche.

Download at:
New Game, New Features
Posted 18th Jan 08, by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] Post A Comment
[Taken from my website]

The new Top Sword will be sporting some (in my opinion) pretty cool and more complex features then i could program before.

Such additions are:
+ Journal for saving up to 6 current quests and adding your own journal entries in-game.
+Improved Conversation engine allowing for multiple questions to be asked by one character with the possibility of non yes-no answers.
+New inventory screen allowing for 20 of three item types "Misc","Battle" and "Quest"
+New Saving Engine that allows for the fact that you may not have wanted to save your progress and can revert to the last save if you don't save instead of forcing a save on exit like the old engine.
+New levelling up engine that shows cumulative experience gains on screen (e.g 40+50+10 exp gains within 20 seconds will show as "100 Experience Gained")

And much more tidbits and things i've probably forgotten to mention!

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