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Project: Nic's Tomato Game
Project Started: 20th May, 2003 Last Update: 20th May, 2003
Project Owner: Bricnic Project Members:
Project Type: Puzzle Project Progress:

Project Overview  
This is my biggest project to date, and this is as you can see a puzzle game. It is actually going to be called Nic's Tomato Game, even if it sounds corny, because I based it on a really cool old game for the AMIGA- Bill's Tomato Game. If you've ever played that, you'll know the general concept behind the game, but don't worry, it isn't a clone

In Nic's Tomato Game, you play the part of a little tomato, who has to reach the end of every stage (that's obviously not the storyline, I'll think of one later ). In each stage, you have a number of tools- you always start on a spring, where you can launch yourself into the air. From there, you can be affected by whatever gadgets you have placed- fans, metal boxes, jack-in-the-boxes etc. Anyway, do whatever you can to reach the conveyor belt at the end. You have only a limited number of tomatoes each level, as well as time, and if you run out of either you lose a life.

There are a number of worlds in this game so far, 4 in fact (but that's including tutorial world, which has one level). That makes for a grand total of 13 playable levels! I might upload a demo to DC a little later on, depending on if anyone is interested in playing this.

The qualty of the graphics is a fair bit better than the screenshots show, because they have compressed the images (there's lots of fuzzy bits and stuff). Anyway, the demo should be out soon!

This is the third time I've submitted this preview, so REALLY sorry guys if you're sick of reading it
Direct linking had better work.

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