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Project: Application Library
Project Started: 24th March, 2003 Last Update: 24th March, 2003
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Project Overview  
I'm working on a library for use with applications (MMF1.5 only). It contains buttons, etc, with their controls already added to behaviours. Where possible, the whole things require just one object, so you can place just one button and have it provide you with a shadow, a glow effect on mouseover, and any number of other things. It's designed so people can get professional looking features into their programs without worrying about coding.

Currently, it only contains buttons, but since I'm running out of ideas for them, I may try adding other things too, like novelty sliders, possibly. Anyone got any ideas for things that could be added? Here's a list of just *some* of the button effects I've got so far:

1. standard highlight on mouseover - pop your mouse over it, and it lights up, using your current system colour settings in windows, so it all fits in!
2. standard darken on mouseover - the opposite of the above
3. Depressable button including shadow - this looks great! The button creates its own shadow of itself, and when you click, it shifts down closer to the shadow. Let go, and it springs back up again! Yay! Yet again, it uses system colours, so it fits perfectly with everything else in your program.

The best things about the ones i've done so far are that they're all done with just one Active System Box each (except number 3, which is still only one object, but does create a copy of itself at runtime for the shadow) which makes it a doddle to transfer them from lib to game, and to copy them; and because they're all ASBoxes, you can edit the text on the buttons simply by double-clicking them, unlike previous libs which had graphical buttons.

Again, any suggestions for other things to add? Would you find this useful? Would you like me to release a demo of the ones I've done so far so that you can see how it all works? Any feedback at all?

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