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Project: Great Escaoe
Project Started: 27th November, 2002 Last Update: 27th November, 2002
Project Owner: DeadmanDines Project Members:
Project Type: Arcade Project Progress:

Project Overview  
You are captain of a large Zoological spaceship, collecting rare animals from various planets in the solar system and selling them on to various Zoos throughout the galaxy.

One day, a large meteor hits your ship, blowing a hole in the cargo bay, and all the little critters start floating out!! Jumping into your little spaceship, you have to pick the little critters up again. The scoring system isn't set in stone yet, but chances are you will have a counter on-screen showing the amount of money you have saved so far by collecting critters (each one is worth a different amount of money). As if that wasn't enough, you alo have to be careful to pick up those critters quickly; they won't last long in the low-pressure environment of space, and after a few seconds, they'll explode!!

When you pick up a critter, the amount of money saved pops up as a grey counter above it quickly. If one dies, you get a red counter popping up instead, as a minus figure of the amount of money you've lost by that critter exploding.

» 8 different kinds of critter planned, including a very rare breed of Elvis.
» Very nice graphics.
» Fun gameplay.
» Plenty of gore.
» Some VERY funny cheats.
» guys got any ideas?

» I'm at college at the moment, but I'll upload some screens when I'm home.

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