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Project: Geranimo The Flying Tortoise
Project Started: 11th November, 2002 Last Update: 11th November, 2002
Project Owner: DeadmanDines Project Members:
Project Type: Arcade Project Progress:

Project Overview  
This game is a simple introduction for you to the wonderful and weird world that Geranimo calls 'home'.

He was once an ordinary tortoise, chewing away on the local scientist's cabage patch, when the lab suddenly exploded... somehow, Geranimo could now defy gravity!... well.... almost...

In reality, Gez could only hover, and even that was for short bursts. But with the added bouyancy of water vapour, he realised that he could stay in the air indefinitely. Yes, Geranimo flies on clouds, as odd as that may sound.

(as you can tell, this game's set to be a bucketful of laughs)

Anyway, this isn't the first game in that it doesn't explain how Gez first learns to fly - that's for a later production. This is simply one of his many missions to help the people of his planet avoid Dr.McEvil, his arch animal-testing enemy.

One day, McEvil decides he needs a number of smart, small, and airbourne creatures to help him, so he goes out into teh forest to steal Weeble eggs. Weebles are smart little birds, but don't learn to fly until they're old and VERY fat. Dr.McEvil plans to modify these eggs to make them fly when they're still small, and to test it... he intends to drop them from thousands of feet in the air.

The mother Weeble begs Geranimo to help, and so in the true hero spirit, he stops for a cuppa, hops on the steam, and flies off to catch the little weebles as the Doctor tries to drop them.


So far, the engine's working ok. It's a very simple (graphically gorgeous) 'catch-the-objects' game, but with a series of humerous twists and cheats, as well as some funny dialogue now and then.

The series of Geranimo games are hopefully going to be a series I do, all following the exploits of Geranimo and his fluffy friends. Future games will be platformers, this is just a quickie to introduce people to Gez himself, as well as give people something to play whilst i work on other games.

Screenshots will be added as comments as they come, I'm at college at teh moment, so i can't take any.

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