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Project: Crazy Towers 2
Project Started: 24th August, 2023 Last Update: 17th September, 2023
Project Owner: Jack or John Project Members:
Project Type: Run n' Gun, Platformer Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Go through multiple towers to stop a certain someone from taking over the world! New abilities, levels, gimmicks and characters await in Crazy Towers 2!

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Enemy Concept Art
Posted 17th Sep 23, by Jack or John Post A Comment
2 designs I made for an enemy that can only be defeated by a charge/special attack. Left is supposed to be a knight, while right is supposed to be more of a guard/police outfit, wearing a bullet-proof vest and such. I'm interested in knowing which one is better overall. I'm leaning toward the right design.

Playable Characters
Posted 12th Sep 23, by Jack or John Post A Comment
Welcome back to the Crazy Towers 2 Devblog! What do I have to showcase this time? Well, if you aren't illiterate, you can already tell. Multiple playable characters are coming to Crazy Towers 2!

As of right now, I only have 1 character fully done, and a second i'm still experimenting with what I want to do with them. Frank will make his return as a freeplay character after you beat the main campaign. He'll focused on his speed, coming with the downsides of no charge attack and having weak jumps. A 3rd character focusing on jumping will also be unlocked at the same time as Frank, stay tuned for them!

Fun fact: During me making the first Crazy Towers game, I mentioned in the thank you message that more characters would be coming, but an update character never came. I was considering have some sort of version of the Bills be playable, primary a Golden Bill or Helmet shooter Bill. Both didn't make it due to a lack of motivation on making another update. Now why where they going to be playable instead of another new character you may ask? Well, I already had most of the animations for them done, so I could just recycle them and call it a day. There is another character I have work done on, but I'll keep that a secret for now... but anyways, hope you all have a good whatever time of the day it is for you when reading.
Nothin' much
Posted 3rd Sep 23, by Jack or John Post A Comment
Progress is going steady right now for the game. Figure I'd show the new walking sprite for the Bills. Preview

8/23/23 - New Game, New Engine
Posted 24th Aug 23, by Jack or John Post A Comment
Hi! Welcome to the first devlog for Crazy Towers 2! The idea of this game has been in the back of my mind for a couple of months, ever since I published Crazy Towers 1, considering it left a lot of room for improvement. Now feels like the best time to start working on it due to myself coming up with a lot of ideas for what this game could entail.

The first (and probably the most major) change I've made is the engine. Before, I used this fastloop platformer engine for the first game and some of Crazy Ball, but now I'm switching to the platform movement object because I can do more interesting stuff with than I could with the fastloop example. The biggest reason I wanted to make this game was a scrapped mechanic from the first, where you can do a charge shot similar to Megaman. The last game wasn't being made with the charge in mind, which is why it was removed; this time though, I'm building the game around it. Expect to see enemies and environmental elements that can only be altered using the charge. The last new gameplay thing I've added so far is knockback from enemies, just for good measure.

An EXTREMLEY early gameplay video will be linked to showcase new features at the end. I'm targeting a December-January release for the game, and new devlogs will be posted every few weeks to showcase progress. I hope everyone that reads this has a good week and stays tuned for more news.

Also, I updated the first Crazy Towers with a secret boss; come check it out here!


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