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Project: Karate - Way Of The Fist
Project Started: 19th November, 2018 Last Update: 16th September, 2019
Project Owner: Graeme2408 Project Members:
Project Type: 2D Fighting Game Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Preview KARATE - Way Of The Fist is a retro-style fighting game similar to games such as 'Karate Champ' and 'Way Of The Exploding Fist'. Take your novice Karateka from White Belt to the revered rank of 10th Dan Black Belt.
As you win matches you earn experience points which you can use to increase your fighter's attributes, such as toughness, power, stamina, defence etc. You can also boost your attributes by taking part in training.
As you gain ranks new kicks, punches and strikes will become available to you.

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Posted 16th Sep 19, by Graeme2408 Post A Comment
Local 2 player mode is almost finished.

Both players can customise their move set from a choice of 32 different techniques and can alter their stats to compensate for skill differences if needed.

Still to do: Finish 2 player mode, Add some new backgrounds, polish things up a bit.
Posted 27th May 19, by Graeme2408 1 Comment
Tournament mode is complete, just need to add local 2 player mode and polish things up a bit.
Tournament mode
Posted 25th Feb 19, by Graeme2408 Post A Comment
I've been improving the combat engine to get it to a point where I'm fairly happy with it:
Progress so far
Posted 19th Nov 18, by Graeme2408 Post A Comment
Main single player game is done, although needs some extra characters and backgrounds adding, everything else is in place and working; Combat, training minigames, move editor all done.

Still to do:
Add new characters and backgrounds
2 Player mode
Tournament mode

Training: Heavy bag workout

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