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Project: Remnant (title uncertain)
Project Started: 25th September, 2002 Last Update: 25th September, 2002
Project Owner: DeadmanDines Project Members:
Project Type: Action Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Style: Top-down action shoot 'em up.
Objective: Walk from the bottom of the level up to the top massacring everything in your path in the most absolute manner possible.
Basic info: Levels are quite large, but stick to the basic idea of the player simply walking up the level. I will likely incorporate straffing into the game rather than the ability to turn, making it more Up orientated. Hopefully, enemies will also have half-decent AI (hiding behind rocks, running if wounded, etc).

Story: The year is 2202, and Earth is overpopulated. Mankind is searching for possible locations for DeutoEarth, a planned new human colony to ease the population problem of earth. A small scouting group landed on a planet not too far from our solar system, only to discover an extremely hostile but non-sapient race there, which ate an awful lot of the group (what a pity). The group climb back aboard the ship and promptly leave, imagining that they've picked up all surviving members of the team. But, as you can guess, they're wrong. You, a female soldier of the platoon must now battle your way through hordes of vile beasties to get to a telecom system set up by the landing party when they arrived, so they can come down and pick you up. Sorry, did I just make that sound easy?:S

Expect: Lots of guns. Lots of enemies. Lots of gore. Lots of cheats. Lots of fun.

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