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Project: The Miners
Project Started: 4th May, 2013 Last Update: 5th October, 2016
Project Owner: Nornik Project Members:
Project Type: Mining game Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Preview The Miners is a game inspired by Diggers - one of the best Amiga games released in 1993 by Millenium.

Player leads team of 5 miners, who mines deeper and deeper for precious gems and other treasures. Excavations are performed on a small, but very rich in raw materials, planet called Morg. It is a perfect place for mining. Varied topography and beautiful scenery encourages for digging. Unfortunately, all what they mine is owned by The Mine. Suddenly, one day, owner of all mines on the planet, announced competition for the best mining team. Winner will receive the first prize - one of the richest mines on the planet! Additionally, that they will keep for their own all treasures found during competition. Why dig a whole life for someone, like you can dig for yourself and increase your treasury?

However, victory will not come so easy. You will have to beat other teams, and watch out for many hostile creatures who live in the caves. You will also have to cope with the mines itself, as they are placed in really wild and inaccessible places. Luckily, competition rules allows to use advanced mining tools.

Don’t waste your time and send your application to the competition today!

Game features:
- campaign and “free play” modes
- 4 unique races with their own characteristics
- 5 mine graphic sets
- 5 precious gems to dig and to sell in the bank
- 6 advanced tools to buy in the shop
- 48 achievements to get
- 3 ways to control miners
- hand-drawn pictures
- map and campaign editor included
- half-open game construction

One of the most important game features is its half-open construction. Whole game is based on external files. This means, that game users cannot change game code, but they can interfere with its content. Anyone will be able to create and add something to the game, and distribute it to friends or entire community on official game website. This creates opportunity to make unique single mines or even whole campaigns, filled with various items to look for.

Game has created special website on Google+ and Facebook. If you like this project please use “+1” and “Like” buttons and share it with your friends.

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The Miners released on Steam
Posted 5th Oct 16, by Nornik Post A Comment
Hello All!

My game has been finally released and is available to buy on Steam store

I think it is worth to mention that game supports Steam achievements and cloud. I have in my plans to setup Workshop so players can share in the future with additional content (like maps, miner's races etc) that they will create.

There is also a demo available there, if you haven't a chance to try it earlier.

Hope, you will like it! Please feel free to share your thoughts about it here in comments, on Steam or by sending me an email.

Below is a link to a Steam store:
The Miners Demo available
Posted 13th Jul 16, by Nornik Post A Comment

I thought about this quite a long time, but finally I decided to try and make a demo version of The Miners. I was worried about successfully limit my game without any injury to game code, but I think I manged to do this.

The Miners Demo contains 2 playable races and 2 maps (+tutorial map). Additionally some achievements have been allowed. It provides good view on a gameplay before you make a final decision to buy a game.

You can download it at IndieDB on below link.
Posted 26th Jun 16, by Nornik Post A Comment
Ok boys and girls! It is a time to grab good shovel or pickaxe and dig some tunnels in your mine! Mine deeper and deeper looking for precious gems and other resources like gold or silver. Do you know what does it mean?

Yes! Game is finally officially released!

You can buy it on Indie Game Stand store, or by using buy widgets placed on my newly created small portfolio website. There are two widgets currently available: Indie Game Stand and Humble Bundle. Please see below mentioned links.

Hope you will have so much fun playing my game as I while working on it.

Buy game at Indie Game Stand store:

Buy game using IGS or HB widgets:

The Miners submitted to Steam Greenlight
Posted 18th Mar 16, by Nornik Post A Comment
It happened!

Finally, after more than 4 years of development, I submitted The Miners on Steam Greenlight!

I spent lot of my free time to finish this game and to polish it as much as I can. I'm very happy from the final effect and hope that players, users of Steam, will appreciate my work. Hope... no... I believe, that they will and vote as "Yes"! I'm sure, that some day all of us will see The Miners on Steam store!

If you like my project please visit its website on below pasted link and support it on Greenlight.

Thank you very much in advance!

The Miners on Steam Greenlight:


And remember! Below miners counts on you!


So, vote YES!


To mine tunnels...


and find treasures!


Thank you again!

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