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Project: The Adventures of Pause
Project Started: 19th February, 2012 Last Update: 19th February, 2012
Project Owner: Zephni Project Members:
Project Type: RPG Platformer Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview So, the project has been restarted, again.

The engine for the game, scripting and level editor have been completely re-written. The project initially started late 2008

New engine with movable box's, ducking/crawling, double jumping, swimming, climbing, saving, and full scripting system so far.

We are still Mughead Studios, Me and Jeddon will be back to let you know more soon.

The story that you are allowed to know thus far:
You are Pause, the game starts with our main character falling from a large tree in the middle of a seemingly large forest. He can't remember much so starts exploring he's surroundings, maybe some one can help him find out who/what he is.

I have decided to put the project progress down as the actual levels and scripts are being completly re-written. The game uses Lua for scripting and the levels are created with a self made level editor. The engine is finished to a degree, but as the game expands extra things will still need to be added. Can't wait to show it to the public

OLD screenie:


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