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Project: CastleForge
Project Started: 27th November, 2011 Last Update: 13th April, 2013
Project Owner: AugustoAD Project Members:
Project Type: Sandbox/Building/Platformer/Castle Defense Project Progress:

Project Halted.
Posted 13th Apr 13, by AugustoAD  
It may seem obvious, but CastleForge has halted. That has many reasons, tho the main one is because I came to a creative block. The game wasn't going as I expected it to, gameplay was kinda boring and I didn't know what to include anymore. It was being massively tiring for me. As for that, my first intention by making this game was to have fun myself, and that was not happening. All that I kept in my mind was "I gotta finish the game", but I had no idea of what would I add next, and random features would make the game seem unfinished as a full release, and that would suck a lot.

Also, I kinda promised myself not to make another game before I taught myself to really code in real languages. MMF2 felt buggy and clunky as I made the game (It's a good tool, perhaps I wasn't good enough with MMF2, and in no way it has let me down, but the game was clunky and buggy sometimes and I couldn't find where were my mistakes). I'm planning to remake this game and release it as a full game when I've done so.

And time. Oh, time. I got to my final year at school, and it's being massive. I've been having really short time to all the things I like to do and have been mainly focusing on studying.

Anyway, enough excuses. I'm sorry if I let you guys down, I really am, but it was being massive to me and I really couldn't progress.

Thanks for all the support, guys! The alpha and beta versions I released will all be kept on the internet so you can download and play with what I got to do. I really appreciate that you guys helped me getting so far.

Also, I'm thinking of releasing the .mfa for the game here. How would you like to mod the game and, perhaps, finish it bu yourself? Personally, I'd love to see that happening.

Leave any thoughts or comments below, please. It's really important to me.

And, one more time, thank you all!

Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 14th April, 2013

Sad to hear bro, but hey - know the feeling @,@
Posted by HitmanN 18th April, 2013

If only I'd have the time, I might even consider carrying the torch from here... but I don't think I could accomplish much at the moment.

I thought the base idea for the game was fun, just needs a bit of redesign for the progression.

Anyways, good luck with any future endeavors.
Posted by AugustoAD 27th April, 2013

Thanks, Eternal Man.

Thanks, HitmanN. It'd be nice if you could, I don't think there's too much to improve if the aim is to make the game an arcade-esque one. Tell me if you'd like to do so, it'd make me very happy.
Posted by Windybeard Games 20th May, 2013

not good news, but if your not enjoying making it then its always for the best.I have tons of failed/abandoned games i imagine everyone else has too.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.
Posted by AugustoAD 25th June, 2013

Thanks a lot, Windybeard. I hope I get to make more games anytime soon.


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