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Project: CastleForge
Project Started: 27th November, 2011 Last Update: 13th April, 2013
Project Owner: AugustoAD Project Members:
Project Type: Sandbox/Building/Platformer/Castle Defense Project Progress:

New title screen.
Posted 6th Oct 12, by AugustoAD  
Tell me what you think. Does it looks better this way? was the older TS better? Preview

Posted by HitmanN 7th October, 2012

I can't remember what the old one even looked like. X3 Anyways, two things:

1. Where's the castle? You'd expect a castle or a forge that creates castles to be the title screen theme, considering the game's name. Remember that the title screen is the first thing new players will see. It should be inspiring. It should convey the player what is ahead, and make it seem fun. A generic tiny dude on a cliff isn't telling much about what's in store for the player. ;p

2. Vary the brightness of those stars (I presume they're stars anyways) a bit. Even just using light grey and dark grey dots here and there would give it more depth. See the thumbnail of the title screen picture. The resizing has caused some stars to appear more faint. Looks nicer, no? For a sense of a horizon, you might also want to make the bottom-most stars more faint than the others. If the star field just stops like into wall all of a sudden, it looks a bit... odd.

It's a good base for a title screen though. Just don't stop creating it yet.
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 7th October, 2012

I agree that a big black outline of a castle or something in the background would probably suit the game more. Otherwise, it's functional and not too distracting. Should serve the game well enough as is if you don't feel like changing it.
Posted by AugustoAD 7th October, 2012

Thanks for the Feedback!
I'll try and make this Title Screen better. I made it like this to remind players of Megaman 3 a bit. As for relating the title screen with the game itself, It's a nice idea. What would you suggest for another name for the game?


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