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Project: Surface Runoff 2
Project Started: 29th August, 2002 Last Update: 29th August, 2002
Project Owner: DeadmanDines Project Members:
Project Type: Arcade Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Hardly any of you will remember Surface Runoff 1, since it wasn't posted on DC. Those who do, will remember it as a sad, boring little game with horrendous loading times, and 48 mindnumbingly boring levels. Levels were unvaried, and utterly intollerable. That, however, is where the sequel is coming in. Whilst maintaining the arcadic aspect of the old game, it will add a lot more features, such as teleporters which can take you to other parts of the map, and even special teleporters which can take you to secret maps. You now collect coins to score, and tiles can be loaded from the hard disk as well as from the game itself, meaning larger tiles (in secret levels etc) are given the filesize shrinking effects of jpg and gif formats. Wall textures randomise too. And you can fall through holes in the floor down to the lower level.

The screenshot is from the test engine of the SR2 level editor, which i only finished a second ago, so it really is a very basic scene. Likely, coins will be destroyed when the water hits them, and i may well alter the wall textures, which are too dark in my opinion. Any constructive criticisms are welcome as are any praises or questions. If you're just looking for an opportunity to rip it to pieces, kindly wipe your feet on your way out. Thankyou.

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