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Project: Astro Man 2
Project Started: 26th August, 2002 Last Update: 26th August, 2002
Project Owner: Chrisbo Project Members:
Project Type: Retro Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Some of you may remember my older game Astro Man. It was a project for school I did. It was pretty popular in its day, and it even had a saving/loading level editor that was pretty fun to mess around with. Well, I was never really satisfied with it. I cut a lot of corners (since it was a school project after all) and I didn't get to implement a couple features I wanted. Well, the template for Astro Man 2 is nearly finished, and after that's done, I just have to create the levels. What's new in this version?

- Larger gameplay area
- Full sidebar with clickable button options
- 5 song MOD soundtrack
- Ability to jump (adds so many new puzzles, you wouldn't even believe)
- Improved graphics
- Expanded and much more professional looking level editor
- Even more of a retro feel
- Slightly improved movement engine
- Harder puzzles

It is being created in CNC (Or MMF Express) but will be converted to MMF for cosmetic things (better transparency handling, better transitions, etc. I just don't like MMF's interface

I don't know when it will be done, as I only really work on it off and on. I would expect it to be released by Spring or Summer 2003.

Thanks for looking!

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