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Project: That Really Hot Chick [XNA]
Project Started: 4th July, 2011 Last Update: 27th August, 2011
Project Owner: HorrendousGames Project Members: Strife
Project Type: XBLIG Music Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview This is the project page for my Latest XBLIG game, That Really Hot Chick.

It features Art by TDC's newest admin, Strife, as well as some art by myself.

It also features a soundtrack by Jon Powell.

Save the chick from being captured by various evil foes with the help of your friend, dodgyness and overall awesomeness!

The game is finished and is up on the Microsoft Marketplace here (if you log into your xbox profile):

The game costs 1 USD (80 MS Points) and can be found on your Xbox 360(with internet connection) by going to the Game Marketplace\Games and Demos\Indie Games\T\That Really Hot Chick


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Finally approved!
Posted 27th Aug 11, by HorrendousGames 8 Comments
After about 2 months of dealing with things that no one will ever know about, the game has finally been approved! It should be up on the marketplace in about 48 hours.
Third times the charm
Posted 17th Aug 11, by HorrendousGames Post A Comment
The game is in review again, and has already received a passing review! Hopefully this keeps up, just need about 6-7 more passing reviews and it's out!

If anyone is interested, I left the level progression as it is (1st 3 levels stay unlocked at the beginning, 4th unlocks when player beats one of the 3)
Bugs are fixed
Posted 13th Aug 11, by HorrendousGames Post A Comment
The bugs have been fixed by my good friend Nick, who was the programmer behind my first Xbox game, Sniper Defense, as well as the brains behind the popular XBLIG title "Techno Kitten Adventure".

I ask a quick question to all of you, hopefully some of you will take the time to answer really quick, but in regards to the difficulty, I've come to two possible conclusions, if I could get some input on which ones you like better (or your own suggestions) that would be awesome. The game is going to sit in playtesting until I reach a final decision about this, and I confirm that the MU bugs no longer exist.

OPTION 1: The easy way -
This is currently implemented, which should allow easy changing to the other option if need be. In this version
1st level is unlocked at start
2nd level is unlocked at start
3rd level is unlocked at start
4th level is unlocked by beating a single level
5th level is unlocked by collecting all 4 magic eggs

I personally feel this could work, but only gives one instance of incentive to continue the game after beating a single level, which might be quite destructive with players trying to get all 4 eggs.

OPTION 2: The easier way -
1st level is unlocked at start
2nd level is unlocked by getting half way through the 1st level
3rd level is unlocked by getting half way through the 2nd level
4th level is unlocked by beating the first 3 levels
5th level is unlocked by collecting all 4 magic eggs

And of course, I would update the text on the level select menu so as not to confuse the user on the goal.

So if you guys could, let me know which option you like better, sooner I decide this, the sooner the game can be out (and I stop posting devlogs, lol)
Failed again
Posted 3rd Aug 11, by HorrendousGames 6 Comments
This time it was because of a member who has a grudge against me because he didn't like how I defended my design choice. He posted a bunch of crap that any game will fail for, which includes ripping the Memory Unit out repeatedly. And some other douchebag decided it's be fun to just fail my game and not even post a response, so it's apparent that he had read my response and simply just failed the game without even playing it.

I'm in a bad place right now, and I don't think I can take much of anything anymore.

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