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Project: Doubleteam Open Source Engines
Project Started: 17th January, 2011 Last Update: 28th January, 2014
Project Owner: Jeod Project Members: Sgamer8t88 shadowlink
Project Type: Engine Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview We make engine replicas. Zelda GBC+, which is the gameboy color engine with enhanced graphics, is our flagship project. On the side, we also have an alpha version of Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green.

Zelda GBC+ Engine:

This engine's main draw is the visual effects. Our GBC+ style is a blend of Link to the Past and Oracle Series tiles, recolored and fitted with the Link to the Past GBA pallette. We also felt that the 16x16 tile size was too small for the average PC screen, so we doubled the scale. (For those who prefer the original sizes, we included a resolution modifier in the menu bar)

We seek to make a game out of our engine to show just what it's capable of. Our GBC+ style and engine is open source, so anyone can use it to make their own fangames. All of our resources thus far will be turned into tilesets and released as a special download alongside GBC+ Engine 1.3.

Pokemon GBA Engine:

This engine is a very early build using Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green resources. We began by building up Pallet Town when we got stuck on our Zelda engine. But we soon fixed the problem and the Pokemon engine was put aside. Currently we have no plans to release this engine.

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By: Jeod
On: 27th May 11, 18:53:25
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Posted 28th Jan 14, by Jeod Post A Comment
Show of hands, who thought this was abandoned? We put text in a few days ago. The text engine is somewhat complex since it uses ascii characters as tags for certain colors. In the image you see green, red, and blue text. What you don't see is the way the text is actually typed in a script.ini file:

{Link} is gone. The Dark Lord [Ganon} will rise again. ]Hyrule} will suffer as [we} suffered!


{ = green text flag
} = white text flag
[ = red text flag
] = blue text flag

These four characters will never be used in any game we create, so we decided to use them as flags. Of course, we will be writing a guide to the text engine so anyone can choose their own characters to use as flags.

So far, the plan is to call text from a script.ini file. Here's an example:

1=Link! You're awake! I found you passed out on the beach, and...oh, I couldn't bear to watch you be hurt again! ;
Line1=0 ;
2=What? How is it possible that I exist? I've always existed, silly! But you know, my memory has been fuzzy lately. ;

1=Link, m'boy! This peace is what all true warriors strive for! I feel like I've seen that somewhere before. ;

1=Hoot! {Link}, the hero. You must be surprised to be on the shores of ]Koholint} again. Allow me to explain. ;

In the .mfa file, when Link encounters an NPC, the engine will search that NPC for it's name (stored in an alterable string). It will then load all possible text the NPC can say into a string object, in multiple 'paragraphs'. When Link speaks to the NPC, a fastloop will occur which can figure out which paragraph the NPC will say at that time. For example, suppose the game opens with Marin speaking to Link. In the .ini, the variable "Line1" is changed to 1 (a boolean) to show that Marin has said this one-time text. Then, after player is given control, he speaks to Marin again. Now when the fastloop is run, the game checks for if Line1=1, and if it does, select paragraph 2 as the text to be shown.

We won't be releasing a new engine version soon though, since there is a lot to be done besides the text. We hope to have plenty of new goodies for everyone! If you've ever doubted the power of MMF2, hopefully now you can see just how strong it can be.
Overdue Update
Posted 18th Sep 12, by Jeod Post A Comment
Hey guys! For those still around and waiting for a new release, I'm sorry but it's going to be a little while longer. Doubleteam's pretty split up at the moment; Link's informed me that he won't have a lot of free time until December. Likewise, I'll have some time here and there, but next fall I plan on transferring to (don't quote me on this) Liberty University to complete my bachelor's degree. I should be done with my associate's at the end of spring semester!

Anyway, enough personal life stuff. We decided to condense our to-do list. Because the text engine would rely on a specific game or plot, we chose to keep it out of the GBC+ engine, which is strictly global game mechanics. Here's a list of the GBC items left to add.

Seed Satchel
Roc's Cape
Magnetic Gloves
Rod of Seasons
Gasha Seed
Gasha Nut
Ring Box (Ring)
Switch Hook
Cane of Somaria
Harp of Ages
Seed Shooter

The choice is yours, fellow developers! Do you want to see 1.2.1 as soon as possible to get your hands on the Roc's Feather code, or would you rather see another new item done first?
Posted 1st Apr 12, by Jeod Post A Comment
I received an email today requesting for a version of the engine without the soundplayer.mfx extension. The reason? It can't be found on the net anymore. Actually, it can, if you look hard enough. But who wants to do that anymore? So I made a list of extensions the engine currently uses:

Control X - ctrlx.mfx
DLL Object - DLLObject.mfx
ForEach - ForEach.mfx
Ini - kcini.mfx
Sound Player - soundplayer.mfx
String Parser - parser.mfx
The Big Box - bigbox.mfx
Window Control - kcwctrl.mfx

You can find all of the extensions here:

Soundplayer.mfx is listed under "Advanced Sound - Player", author is Looki.
Bet you didn't this this coming!
Posted 14th Feb 12, by Jeod Post A Comment
Hey, it's been a while! Even though we're not quite done with version 1.2.1 yet, I wanted to say a few things so this isn't forgotten. First of all, this project began in September 2010. It's been a year and a half since we started, and though we've made progress, we still have a long way to go before we can call our GBC+ engine complete.

It's been a difficult and challenging journey. Half of Doubleteam is now too busy to remain active. Link125 is the only one I've seen in the past two months, but we're still working no matter how slow and trying things get. I've learned a lot about programming in Multimedia Fusion 2 along the road here. Sometimes we'd get stuck and quit working for a few weeks, only to come back at some random time and have a "Eureka!" moment. I think the most important thing for me is motivation, and motivation comes from teammates supporting eachother every step of the way. If there's something I get stuck on, Link125 takes a look and somehow comes up with a way, and vice versa. If he starts on something, I'll wake up in the morning and see it, and understand what he's trying to do and finish it. (Roc's Feather)

Anyway, we're still working on this thing. You'll probably see GBC+ Engine 1.2.1 within two months.

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