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Project: The MeS2enger
Project Started: 1st March, 2010 Last Update: 22nd April, 2010
Project Owner: Fanotherpg Project Members:
Project Type: Sequel Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Preview Story for first part:

The Messenger is a story about one young woman and her aim - delivering important message.

But how long it will take? What difficulties she will find on her way? What is in the message? No one shall know.

Game inspirited by Canabalt, Mirror's Edge, and Warhammer - it was created by Gien (GFX), Wyvern (Game Theme), Draq (Fano mascot), Fanotherpg (Coding).

Target for second part:

Some of the people though that game difficulty level is to high (thanks Gien for your briliant suggestion!), some that game is a bit to monotonic, others that something is missing in the core gameplay.

Different people attack me, from one side that it's coded in to 'noobish' way, from second one that it could be done much better. So just to let them know that I don't care of their 'briliant' opinions (cheers danjo!) I decided to make a 'second' part.

So why I want to do it if I don't care? I just want to make a good game for a community. And to prove some concepts. That's all.

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2 11 Nice game!
By: Fanotherpg
On: 9th Mar 10, 22:41:37
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The Messenger Retold
Posted 22nd Apr 10, by Fanotherpg Post A Comment
Just to let you know couple of days ago Kisguri released April Issue of Klikdisc.

There is some nice stuff in it like Terminal Orbit (RTS) open source, Chemical Annihilation (Guitar Hero) open source, and of course Retold version of The Messenger.

What's new in this one?

- Links to authors webpages
- Two game modes
x- Classic 'Fanotherpg' one
x- New one made by Fadex
- Classic mode engine was a bit tweaked
x- Changed every conditions to real FPS ones
x- Improved scoring
x- Added rolling after hitting by Messenger under level of belt
x- Eliminated some little bugs

- Fadex style
x- Includes level editor
x- Made in 20 events
x- Added speeding up and double jump
x- Coin collecting
x- More randomized level
x- Not infinitive levels
x- Gameof course also available as Open Source (except level editor)

So next step is somehow The MeS2enger... More in Free Running style...
Bad Design
Posted 12th Apr 10, by Fanotherpg Post A Comment
OK, thanks to changing some game mechanics and long gameplaying I notice one in theory random appearing bug. Sometimes during short jump here was doing long one, and during long one short one.

After some research I found a bit irritating - like for me - mistake in design in MMF itself. The problem is with that how MMF handles every conditions - not as first in event condition.

In short it still counts it no matter from event but continusly which causes sometimes errors - like in mine case. Later on Today (it's GMT 00:00) I will post example at CT forums. But still no worries I found work around for this.
Posted 3rd Apr 10, by Fanotherpg Post A Comment
OK, so there where plenty of gameplay issues reported like we all know. And I started 'in theory' works on second part... but after so long time nothing happened, nothing was stated or whatever....

But do not worry! We ain't dead, and we want to retell you the story of the Messenger once more before the sequel will came out.

Interested? Look for the April Issue of Klikdisc!

To give you some hints:

- Major gameplay issues where corrected
- part of engne was was rewritten for better performance
- there is extra game mode with new movements
- also fully workable level editor was added by co-coder
Unforgettable mistakes
Posted 7th Mar 10, by Fanotherpg 4 Comments
After rereading quite nice article up on Gamasutra ( ) and listening to some anti-fans suggestions I decided to remake the whole game from scratch.

OK game concept is good and some things I won't change at all - like setting animations from directions or parallax scrolling.
But I think about redoing some of their elements.

Of course the biggest change will be in the movement section and ingame interaction. To be honest I plan to change/add everything which is in two previous devlogs.

Unfortunately GB compo still didn't end but I don't think that The messenger has got any chances, it would be quite surprising for me if I would be in top 10. And after buying Flash version I noticed that it doesn't support DIR tag for INI object so my entry is incompatible with Flash, nah :<

But to have some fair play I'm giving here Exe version with source codes to all Polish entries for GB (yes there is also TM, is someone is looking for hardcore exe).

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