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Project: Tribute
Project Started: 19th January, 2010 Last Update: 21st February, 2010
Project Owner: Xhunterko Project Members:
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Project Overview  
Preview Title (since TDC isn't liking the image)


Tribute is to be a two character exploration platformer. The characters will be a cat on two legs, and a one eyed two legged single antenna alien creature. Though she kinda looks like a robot, she's really in body armor.

*Story thus far*

Cat, lives alone by himself in a crooked house with a tire leaning against it. He bathes in the creek he lives by. He explores a junk yard that is next door

Poddie, his only freind, helps him in this. While she may look like one, Poddie is not a robot. Rather, she is a Nohm, a two legged circle from another planet.

He likes helping Poddie becasue she was the only one there for him when he awoke. He awoke in the hospital. His body bruised and broken, his mind half shattered and gone.

The doctors had done their best for him. Then the Nohm's were allowed to treat him. They healed his body. But the memory was twisted, distorted, dysfunctional. So they tried to build him a new one.

It was only partly succesful. Yet of his former life, nothing remained. Yet still, he was able to function, and move on his own. The doctors declared him phisically and mentally fit. But with no name, past, or background, how was he to live?

Poddie had taken care of that. His job was to find things for her. His home would be in her property. She would look after him while he healed.
Then one day, while walking through town. They spot an 'Honor the Fallen' program booth. It's mission was to locate memorials of the lost, and plant flowers by them. Thinking it a fine idea, they both signed on. The one catch is, the flowers grow quite rapidly, and produce a powerful shockwave when they sprout.

You can't say everyone is prepared for life changing events when they happen. Nor does any good deed go unrewarded. When they grew the first flower Cat was hit with the shockwave.

When he came to, he suddenly remembered everyting in a blur. Then consequently forgot it again. However, bits and pieces still remained. But one thing was certain, an immenent darkness was coming. And He was the only who had to stop it.

But he didn't even beging to know how. He also knew, he was running out of time. So, if he wanted to save the remnant that was left, he needed to honour those that had came before. After composing himself and explaining the situation to Poddie, she quickly agreed. Their mission, changed, their path defined. To honour the fallen, to save the remnant left behind.

*Character Attributes*

After the first Flower is planted, Cat will gain the ability to locate hidden items and locations. As his mind is renewed, his phsychic power, or "Wave Strength" grows stronger. Both characters have one basic stat. Health. While Cat's special is phsychic abilities, Poddie's is laser and shields.

In total, his powers include the following:

-Wall, Double, Triple, Hover
-Various spreads, Charged, Wall passing, Minor freezing.
-Picks up a small item/enemy and tosses it.
-Scans the surrounding area for secrets.
-Takes over different enemy types.
-Increases Poddie's Attack/Defense.
-Does a screen clearing blast attack for some enemies. Decreases 50 boss health points.

Poddie will initially be without a weapon. However, after being attacked shortly after the first flower, she reactivates her weapon capabilities of her armor. She is able to fire lasers, rockets, throw up defensive shields, and drop mines. She is more suitable for the larger, tougher enemies.


Early development: Boss 1


More coming soon!

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Your Not The BOSS Of ME!
Posted 21st Feb 10, by Xhunterko 1 Comment

I'm thinking of going for a three eyed turret on the top. Instead of those large laser blasters on the ship engines. I don't like the cockpit much. I might add a pilot to give it some personality.

What do you think?
Good News?
Posted 13th Feb 10, by Xhunterko Post A Comment
Yet another non-game update.

The good news is, AdamAtomic has just updated his actionscript 3 library Flixel to version 2.0!

The bad news, that means I have to start over from SCRATCH. Yaaa for me. Proceed with the headaches. :*(

(Well, almost scratch.)
New Storyboard 1
Posted 8th Feb 10, by Xhunterko Post A Comment

Well, there's one. And hopefully another one this evening. You have no idea how long these take, yeesh. Or how much pressure I think I have.

More later.

(oops, apparently, the new storyboard replaced the old one from majhost as well, oh dear.)
Posted 7th Feb 10, by Xhunterko Post A Comment
Here's an unfinished wip storyboard:


But right now, I feel like this:


Why? I finally accomplished the mockup on the right side of this screen shot:


What occurs is, the shorter, thinner layer of grasses is in front of the player sprite. The thicker grass bunch behind it creates interest and distance. I have been banging my head against a wall for a month now over that. I intend to work on the storyboard later tonight. But right now my net time is limited so I had to post at least something. More will be up tomorrow as well. Of that you can be certain.

Get your happy dances ready.

(if it seems a bit dramatic, I'm sorry but I just can't help it )

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