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Project: Silhouette
Project Started: 27th October, 2009 Last Update: 29th December, 2009
Project Owner: Eternal Man [EE] Project Members: Chimera II [EE] Lord JingJing [EE]
Project Type: An atmospheric platform exploration game Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview "The setting of this story I am about to tell you,
is the wild and rugged nature of a small country
overseen by the mother of our lands.
She has many names...

The Czech and Slovak call her Karpaty.
The Romanian Carpaţi.
And our Hungarian friends know her as Kárpátok.

But beware if you seek to be her lover,
for her shadow looms foreboding on all who would visit her in the night.
Though if you are intent on going, like the one I am about to tell you of,
know that the dark may play you tricks under the glare of the moon.
And be sure to bring her a gift worthy of queens,
or else she might take from you something even more valuable..."

This game is an atmospheric platform exploration game inspired by creations such as Another World. I've always been deeply impressed with the feel and atmosphere in those masterpieces of times gone. So here is a try to create something of an homage to the titans that ruled our gaming world back in the 90's.


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By: Eternal Man [EE]
On: 19th May 10, 14:42:33
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Watching the world through my window...
Posted 29th Dec 09, by Eternal Man [EE] Post A Comment
A demo for all you unlucky people
Yes indeed, a quick note.
Some of you out there can't for some reason enjoy the Silhouette preview due to the resolution change. Therefore I got both my thumb and my index finger (!) out of my *** and made a windowed version! Yay!

So hurry on over to the download page and get it! The link is located near the end of the description.

Download page -->

Merry Christmas!
Posted 24th Dec 09, by Eternal Man [EE] 6 Comments
...and the (seemingly)dead shall walk the earth.


Merry Christmas ya'll!
I know it's been quite quiet(!) here for a while, and most of you probably thought the project had died.

But rest assured! Silhouette has never been more alive!
The makeover is coming along nicely, and just to show how confident we are of success, we bring you a complimentary 442 frames of pixelled goodness for christmas! These are the frames taken directly from the sprite, so when you stand in awe over the massive amount of tiny men in front of you, remember that 90% of them where made in 3 days!

So have fun, and a Merry Christmas to all of you from us!
//Eternal Man, Chimera II and Lord JingJing

Posted 9th Nov 09, by Eternal Man [EE] 8 Comments
It's a secret to everyone...

Don't tell anyone, but I'm reworking ALL the graphics seen in the preview!

A daunting task you say?

Yes, but remember, those graphics were rushed for the compo. The main character alone was made in just three days!
All in all the entire game was made in seven days, so as you can understand, the graphical representation is not quite up to par with my vision of it.

Don't get me wrong though, the hero looks great, if he was part of the Scooby Doo gang. As an east-european in times past, not so much.

They didn't wear hippie-jeans back then...

So together with JingJing, concept artist extraordinaire, I'm going through all the graphics and re-designing what needs re-designing and touching-up what needs touch-uppening.

JingJing, being a great concept artist is helping me with some great ideas! Especially for the main character!

So don't worry! It'll be worth the effort!

New Line-Up!
Posted 5th Nov 09, by Eternal Man [EE] 7 Comments
3's a crowd

Indeed folks!
The duo is now officially a trio!

So, who is this new member? And what does he do? The answers to those questions are best given by none other than mr. fancy-pants new member himself;
Loooooooooooord J-I-N-G-J-I-N-G!

"So this is like, my presentation.
I'm an older brother of Eternal Man, and a sucker for audio.
As in making music, efx, mixing, mastering, tweaking, sampling, crying (as in when things go wrong), and much much more.
Eternal Man and I came to that conclusion that it would be a wicked idea to lay the sound responsibilty for Silhouette on my table. In that way Chimera can focus solely on making that incredible music of his, and not on stuff like equal dynamic levels or you name it.
I'm also proud to say that soundEFX will be my doing too!
So this is going to be fun!
And if all goes according to plan, a great game for y'all to play!;o
So, ... that was like, my presentation. Feels good to join the community, hopefully I can be of use."

All the best / JingJing

I like the sound of that! (pun)
I know by experience that mr. JingJing is an ace-sound producer, and I'm really happy with his joining the team permanently.
And with that, cake and drinks to everyone! ^__^


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