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Project: Blob III (Blob's Adventure 3)
Project Started: 7th August, 2009 Last Update: 7th December, 2009
Project Owner: Solgryn Project Members:
Project Type: Adventure Game Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Preview Since Blob's Adventure had so much success and my friends were begging me to make a new one, here it is . Basicly, theres alot of stuff I wanted to do different with BA2 (Blob's Adventure 2) after i got more advanced with MMF's features, but at that time I didnt know quite how to make them. I'm going to add those features to Blob III.

The new Blob III will have a whole new engine full of neat features, the features that are implemented is marked with a golden star and those I want to have is marked with a silver star, feel free to suggest stuff for the game:

Throwing crates and special enemies
Plasma Energy Powerup
Katamari Powerup (Isnt quite done yet, but made the basics)
Swimming Engine
Moving Platforms
Speech engine
Collectables (For points)
Spell BLOB (Collect four letters and spell blob to unlock a bonus level)
Open world where you can select your level

Jumpar (Koopa with wings-like movement)
Purpo (Goomba-like movement)
Riley (Koopa-like movement, jump on it to pick it up)

If you want to play the previous versions here are the links:

Blobs's Adventure -
Blob's Adventure 2 -

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On: 9th Aug 09, 04:26:46
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Hello again! Some questions for you..
Posted 7th Dec 09, by Solgryn 9 Comments
Hey everyone! Just wanted to remind you, this project is NOT dead.. just been busy with school and stuff, y'know...

Also, I got a few questions for you to answer in the comments. The first question:

Should I make the game 800x600 or 640x480
Right now it's 640x480, like the other Blobs adventure games. But I think it's too small and could be 800x600?? What do you guys think?

Should I make a metroid-style/IWBTG scrolling? Like rooms.
Right now it just scrolls the camera smoothly where Blob is. I've experienced the scrolling with MMF to be not so good and kinda laggy, just enough to bug the player...
Also, the metroid/IWBTG kind of scrolling can be really nice since the player never knows what's coming. Also, awesome secret rooms can be made with that.

I really want to hear your opinions on this =D.
Update video! + more stuffs (Game updater)
Posted 9th Nov 09, by Solgryn 9 Comments
Let me start off with the video:

Okay some stuff isnt in the video but I will make more update videos in the future, when I adjust those parts.

Also I'm planning on doing a video CD with all the sound tracks; like a menu where you choose which song you would like to hear. I have a lot of soundtracks for Blob's Adventure 3.

Game updater is finished =D yay! I made a game updater which tells you which version you have and the new version; you can either copy the adress to the clipboard, if you prefer downloading from your browser or other downloading programs; or you can download straight from the application itself. The application tells estimated time for download as well as download percentage and speed.

Also made some more concept art =D.



New Shooter-Stage + Twitter + Intro
Posted 24th Oct 09, by Solgryn Post A Comment


Hey everybody! Good news, I made some kind of shoot em up stage which is going to be a bonus stage when traveling to new worlds in Blob 3.

The new stage contains:
- Powerups (More Shots, speed, reload time, HP, more missiles)
- right now, 3 kinds of enemies. One shoots, second follows and third go up and down.
- You collect spluds for lives when you kill.

Also made a new intro, when starting the game. Blob 3 logo comes flying down first the "Blobs Adventure" with voice acting and then a "3" and it scrolls upwards as a sound emerges and the main menu will be displayed. You can also skip it by pressing enter.

New tiles is also made, still need some tiles and backdrop objects for worlds but I'm getting there. Will (hopefully) soon be creating levels .

Also, you can follow me (well, my game updates) on twitter, just made this today.

Doing small updates on how the game is progressing ;P.
Long time no see
Posted 19th Oct 09, by Solgryn 2 Comments
Yea, been a long time since I've updated.

But I haven't forgot about this project; I've been working on it on/off for quite some time now, and I think it's time for an update don't you think ?

So here's a few new additions (correct me if I already said some in previous updates, can't remember really):

New enemy! RondaRiley
- RondaRiley walks around like a normal Riley but when it comes close to you, it rolls up in it's shell and torpedoes towards you.

It can only be hurt from boxes/switches/bombs/trampolines (anything you can throw with) as it's covered in spikes all over.

New enemy (sorta) Weak Riley
- works like a normal Purpo but is a little bit faster, will be explaining about this in the VolaRiley section.

New enemy! VolaRiley
- VolaRiley works like a parakoopa in mario, it flies up and down. You can jump on it to get an extra jump but this does not replenish your double jump.

You do get combos from hitting a VolaRiley though.

When you jump on it, it looses it's wings and shell and becomes a Weak Riley! The weak Riley will be killed if you jump on it; hence the name.

That's the new enemies, now for the objects/items:

Switches has become portable!!!
- You can now carry switches around and activate them at any time you want. If you throw it at an enemy it does damage, but will not be destroyed. So you can also think of it as some kind of weapon.
Switch blocks got a new sprite, they are now animated and it red and flashy instead of the normal stone blocks as before.
All blocks now float in water, instead of just sinking to the ground.

That's the objects, now for fixes =D :

Fixed the lag regarding taking the cape powerup. (If you took the cape powerup, your frame rate dropped. This was because I used the replace color function and that takes up a lot of RAM apparently)
Fixed cape when you died (Cape wouldnt despawn when you died)
Interaction with objects fixed (Some objects couldnt interact with each other, for example the switch with a RondaRiley)
Improved the platforms, the ones you can jump through and then land on. (When you jumped on a platform and you was at the peak of your jump, you would stop inside the platform; you wouldnt be stuck inside it, but it was kinda wierd. Now you can only land if you are at the top of the platform)

I know, I'm still working on the engine and OMG I'm getting tired of that but I just want to make sure that I get all the stuff in, that I wanted. And fix all the bugs before I start making 100 levels and see one little bug and have to fix it in all the levels.


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