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Project: [MMF2] Space Wars
Project Started: 29th July, 2009 Last Update: 29th July, 2009
Project Owner: clement Project Members:
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Project Overview  
Hello everyone!

Today I present you a new technology demonstration. This time again, this is not a game, but is indeed a beautiful open source engine that I just show you. However, the engine will be changed so that it will be a game in itself.


The RTS genre is a fairly difficult to design in general because of the system pathfinding and AI to be a minimum complex. With MMF2 is even more difficult since the software with many advanced features to manage objects also made more difficult the separation of units to assign actions to a single unit in the mass of those selected.

This engine is probably the most complicated than I would from my technical demonstrations.

The engine is fairly simple but effective, I would like the source can be understood by the maximum person. For that, I will not necessarily make a good source as I do demos for other techniques, but I will probably proposed for each function a small source commented (LOS, Multipathfinding, etc) and source of the RTS, including different small sources also open source

For now, the game is kind of in the space of the game "Star Wars: Empire at War." Ie, there is only one space station, which can defend itself and evolve. More and more it moves it can make different type of unit. The resource harvest alone is sufficient for asteroids conquered the harvest goes faster. Of course we can protect the asteroids with turrets and asteroids that relate most are also the least protected

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By: clement
On: 1st Aug 09, 12:33:20
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Posted 29th Jul 09, by clement 4 Comments

Hello everyone

Here is a little artwork with the title of the game

Have fun
Posted 29th Jul 09, by clement 5 Comments
Hello everyone !

Here are some pictures of the game

Have a good day



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