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Project: Pitiri 1977
Project Started: 22nd May, 2009 Last Update: 26th September, 2012
Project Owner: ILIKESCIFI Games Project Members:
Project Type: Physics-Adventure Platformer Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
1977, late Summer. Sunnydale Hills.This is gonna be one awesome day...

Pitiri is a Jump n Run game
with main focus on physics and
some adventure / rpg elements!

Get Pitiri here:

Status: DONE

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By: Fordom
On: 16th Oct 11, 02:01:12
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Get Pitiri 1977 on Steam Greenlight
Posted 26th Sep 12, by ILIKESCIFI Games Post A Comment
Hey guys!
I know I know - long time no see. Well, my life has changed a bit haha (The classic growing up and try to act like a grown up thing I guess). But now I need your help one more time.

Id love to see Pitiri 1977 on Steam! There is a new thing on steam now (I bet youve heard of it). Its called Greenlight. If our game gets enough positive votes, it will get on Steam - which would be just awesome.

So maybe if you find the time you can do the following:

Go to steam greenlight - Pitiri 1977 while logged in (its of course also working with your steam tool):

And click the thumbs up button ("yes i would like this game on steam"). Thats it! Every thumb helps us to get Pitiri on steam!

Thank you so much!

Jrgen or as you might know me: Jot


ps: I will try to to hang around more on daily click again!!! The last half year has been pretty stressy. I hope things are getting more smooth now.

More than 2 years are enough
Posted 24th Jan 12, by ILIKESCIFI Games 3 Comments
Well then: this is it. I am closing the topci to Pitiri 1977. Its been (and I actually mean it) a hell of more than 2 years. Im talking about tears... a lot of tears - sometimes of happiness, sometimes of "Oh god I hat this f#*$ing machine so much I want to implement a bomb and destroy it 5 times in a row"-iness. I guess this is something that will never change. Either you develop games or you dont.

I remember the day I decided to start developing (again). Ive been on an 3D internship in Los Angeles. To all the guys from california in this forum: For Austrian people - California still is this DREAM place. And to be honest: it was! Ive been there with a couple of friends from University. Some stayed in Del Mar, some in La. And we had the time of our lifes. I learned how to surf (more or less ...), Ive met some FANTASTIC people from behind the scene (3d geeks, camera people, directors,...). Most of them started with indie movies - some of them want to make indie movies again!

So the other day I was sitting in front of my computer and thought: well... I really want to try this Multimedia fusion...again (Ive tried it 10 years ago: klick n play). My roommate wanted me to go to a party with him. He just could not understand why Id prefer to stay at home - nerding on the computer - than go to this party with him. After he left, I felt like a loser, like a geek, like a 15 year old nerd with no friends playing videogames the whole night - I mean Ive been there. Ive really been there: with 12 and with 13 and with 14. Now things have changed. I mean I have been to one of the "coolest" places on earth and I decided to stay at home, trying (just trying) to create a little game. Maybe a space shooter or a platformer. So I downloaded the demo of Multimedia fusion 2 and started to click...

I think its in us. Whatever you might do now. If you are studying, an actor, a singer, if you work in a bank or in the hospital. I think if youve "BEEN THERE" once, youll always go back there. Maybe theres a NERD gene or something - I dont know But I honestly REALLY REALLY feel proud to be part of this (very long) missunderstood scene. Im very proud to be one of you guys!

Thank you, for staying yourself!

See you working on the next game!


Pitiri 1977 released on Gamers Gate!
Posted 26th Dec 11, by ILIKESCIFI Games 7 Comments

Ok. Thats it! Its done. Pitiri 1977 has been released on Gamers Gate on the 23rd of december. I once heard the quote of some gamedesigner:"Nobody gets his first game released...". much to that

Ok I know I repead myself but: I would have NEVER made it that far without TDC and without you guys. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

So heres a little tip. The game is for 6 pound, 10 dollars or 7 euros at the moment. In my opinion this is a bit too much. So what I want to tell especially you guys here - in a couple of weeks the game will be cheaper. Thats what I have managed with gamers gate (which is btw. a fantastic company, very, very cool and nice people!).

But of course if you feel like buying the game:

And right - you can also check out the screenshots and the cool Boxshot there

Have great holidays. Rest. Try to calm down from the last year (I know its been a hard one for a lot of people).

All the best and try to stay exactly as you are

Pitiri is almost done...
Posted 4th Nov 11, by ILIKESCIFI Games 2 Comments
.. Thats all I can say at the moment. Im looking for a job again

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