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Project: Robot match
Project Started: 24th April, 2009 Last Update: 10th May, 2009
Project Owner: The Oracle File Project Members:
Project Type: Action/Strategy Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview After I played an old game of mine, where you could build more or less your own robot, I decided to do a complete new version of it.

So what's new:
-It won't be in german any longer
-You can build your robot from scratch, drawing the shape of it, placing wheels and weapons
-You can pogram it using an easy scripting language, no pressing of buttons anymore
-Advanced collision modell: See, how your robots get demolished by the other one
-Fights with multiple bots will be possible
-You will be able to upload your bot, participate on online challenges and much more...

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1 2 COOL!
By: The Oracle File
On: 29th Apr 09, 13:27:35
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Current Progress
Posted 10th May 09, by The Oracle File Post A Comment
So, there are a few new things. Lua is working now and you can program your bot already with simple commands. Next I will have to get the basic sensors work, basic weapons, change the design structure, do a few menu graphics and then I will decide how complicated it will get, because I entered the redo a game of yours compo, so it will be ready at least on the 24th, when the compo ends. Hopefully I will also get multiplayer support till then. Otherwise I will update it after the compo, add modes like football and also add a league. But still much to do till then and no time to make a video. Also would not be that spectacular atm.
Still working on it
Posted 7th May 09, by The Oracle File Post A Comment
I am still working on this game, just playing around with opengl and lua, to improve the game and making it playable. So as soon I have enough experience with that stuff, there will be new videos
Parser is out
Posted 3rd May 09, by The Oracle File Post A Comment
So even if i had a few problems, I just will release the parser today. It is a version in which parts are missing, like adding a value to another, but with a bit thinking and understanding of the code, you will hopefully be able to add that
So it would help me very much, if you find anything to improve, if you could tell it me.
Thank you!
..and there the probs come
Posted 1st May 09, by The Oracle File Post A Comment
So, I just tried to include the scripting into the driving code. But now, if the code is only like 10 lines, it works quite fluently, but if you use like 300 lines of code, it starts lagging as hell, so it isn't fun to watch anymore. So parsing basic is almost finished, but now I realised, that it is not possible with mmf to get it to a speed I want to. So I will realese it soon, and if you find away to speed everything up, It would be a pleasure to hear it.

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