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Project: Ye Olde Knights Of Yore (YOKOY)
Project Started: 4th April, 2009 Last Update: 26th September, 2017
Project Owner: Asholay Project Members: Asholay
Project Type: Action RPG Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview Development has been restarted on this project, with a new team... early days, but updates to come soon!

(New link uploaded for Yokoy DM, the original game - check out the RPG section of downloads and give it a whirl! )

Travel the World of Yore, searching for the Element Shards
Explore cavernous dungeons, treacherous lairs, underground Dwarven cities, haunted catacombs, mountain passes and much more
Hours of story/campaign
Embark on side-quests to help uncover some of the games secrets, locate the finest items and Graduate your characters
A whole world of lush, hand-drawn graphics (pixel/sprites)
Choose from four fully upgradeable character classes from the start
RPG skill trees for each of your item slots, and a 'passive' skill tree to fully customise your characters (over 1,000 upgrades across the game)
Take your characters to level 50, and Graduate them into Legends of Yore
Kit them out with items in multiple slots of equipment (armour, helmet, footwear, amulet, ring and 2 'artefact' slots) and decide how you want them to advance through the story
Independent multiple character/game saves
Unlock greater difficulty modes for levelled characters
Hundreds of usable items, armour, artefacts, pieces of jewellery, etc, to be uncovered on your journey
Over 50 unique enemies with individual characteristics and behaviours based on D&D Lore, including ambush tactics, self-preservation and targeted attacks
Unlock Challenge District levels for testing your character at Yore's toughest challenges and earning great rewards for in game use
Collect all the medals and unlock bonus equipment and items
Full gamepad support

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By: Eternal Man [EE]
On: 10th Apr 09, 11:29:16
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The 2017 Return
Posted 26th Sep 17, by Asholay 1 Comment
Looks like this project will finally see the light of day...

More information to come soon!
Toolbar 2 Details
Posted 11th Mar 10, by Asholay 4 Comments
Hey peeps - I'm back, and there's been lots of engine progress made on YOKOY so it's time for a cheeky toolbar explanation; this time, your 'quick-stats' panel. It all speaks for itself really, although I will add a few little bonus notes.

All enemies in the game have the same four stats as playing characters, and these are similarly used to determine attack and defence values. Additionally, the values are used when 'checks' are made: for example, if as a Fighter you attempt your Level 1 Disarm skill on an enemy, it will make a random check using your Strength as a base, versus the enemy's Dexterity.

Also, higher intellect, spell-casting enemies may try various combinations, such as casting a 'brainless' spell to reduce your intelligence, which in turn will temporarily reduce your magical defence - he will then attack with regular magic spells knowing they will have greater affect.

FYI, these updates do not reflect the current progress, I'm much further in than toolbar coding just feel like releasing some stuff.

Until next time, tatty Bye-bye!


Toolbar 1 Details
Posted 25th Feb 10, by Asholay 2 Comments
Hi everybody - lots of progress made since the last update, so I thought I'd start a 'mini-series' of updates covering the game toolbars & mechanics. In-game, you will gradually be introduced to concepts and toolbars to ensure players don't get intimidated by an information overload, so that is also my intention here.

The visual XP counter acts as a gauge to reaching your next level, and works well; with 72 animation frames, it shows accurate, detailed progression.

Your Potions highlight as you move over them, and each character is limited to a set amount they can carry though this can be changed for some classes; for example the Fighter can increase his Belt capacity with a passive upgrade.

The HP and MP bars not only act as a visual guide, they also show numerically your current and maximum values. Everything works in sync, and levelling up, or adding stat points will affect your values, as well as various character abilities and temporary boosts.

The Fixed Character Items are a key part of the Yokoy system - I won't go into detail here, as that can wait for the Skill Tree Toolbar update, but each of the 6 characters has 56 items (which can be upgraded to Bronze, Silver then Gold) spread across 6 tabs (one passive, 5 usable items) and define that character completely. For example, the Ranger has his Bow, a hand-weapon, special ranged attacks [such as exploding arrows and swarm attacks], his traps and camouflages, and the ability to summon various familiars to assist him. His passive upgrades are also individually geared to his class, and compliment his playing style.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy what there is of this minor-update, and look forward to any comments.


Substantial change...
Posted 3rd Dec 09, by Asholay 2 Comments
Brief update for anyone who's watching:

To drive this project forward I am now removing the online & co-op play elements of the game for now.

This is because I don't think MMF and the (excellent) online extensions can cope with where I want Yokoy to be - so rather than to do a half-hearted effort, I'm going to wait.

On the plus side, I have now been able to drive forward on progress, so expect more frequent updates - and hopefully more teasers.

See ya

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