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Project: Gribble Wacky World
Project Started: 27th June, 2002 Last Update: 27th June, 2002
Project Owner: The Chris Street Project Members:
Project Type: Retro Project Progress:

Project Overview  
No, its not a misprint. I just thought I'd show you a project Ive been working on over the last week.

Gribble Wacky World: The dark horse. In Wibble Wacky World you play the good guy. In this alternative game, you play the bad guy. And bad guys swear a lot. This will play very much like o3s SAAE, with a similar engine designed by T0nad0 ("Lord help me, Im just not that bright", as Homer Simpson once said), but it will play very much like one of my favourite Amiga games of all time: Kid Gloves. A great game, and one I was hopelessly addicted to. Maybe when GWW is finished, you'll be totally addicted to the game.

And why Gribble Wacky World? Well, the bad guys name is Gordon Gribble. Should sorta give you a clue there.

The objective of the game will be to collect all the keys to a door in each level, but you'll have to use your noggin to get a lot of them. Fire, for example, evaporates water...and to get fire, you'll need to find a candle...but obviously that wont be enough to evaporate a small lake. Try adding a water pistol, petrol, and a candle though....... And there'll be hidden rooms too.

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