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Project: Amongst Strangers
Project Started: 23rd January, 2009 Last Update: 13th October, 2011
Project Owner: Ecstazy Project Members:
Project Type: Adventure Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview Amongst Strangers tells the story of a little purple creature that finds itself in the way of a war between settlers from space and a mysterious force protecting the planet. While mostly oblivious to the events unfolding around it, the creature's journey will determine how this war will end.


On his journey the creature will meet the other various creatures living in this planet, and also technological artifacts left behind by the old settlers.


The planet is divided into several color-themed environments, each with its own characteristics, creatures and enemies.


The creature's only advantage over his surrounding is the ability to teleport across the screen. During the game those abilities will improve, letting the creature teleport further and also teleporting other objects and animals.


The teleporting abilities will come in handy in defeating evil robotic remains from the past.

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By: Aden
On: 21st Feb 10, 14:14:47
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The End
Posted 13th Oct 11, by Ecstazy Post A Comment
So it's been like 3 years since I initially opened MMF2 to make this game. I didn't make much progress in the past, say, year and a half. OK I'm a liar, more like two years. I started taking my education more seriously, and other aspects of life took and take a lot of my time.
So I suppose this is the end. Thanks for your interest and support. Smell you later!

Naaaah just kidding. What I said about not having much time is true, but a rare time slot presented itself to me about a month ago, and I've been furiously working on the game since. I'll admit this isn't what I originally had in mind when I started 3 years ago, but I think this whole situation produced an interesting twist to the game, as you'll see once you play it.

So yeah, I'm really close to finishing it. I think I need about a week worth of work on it to settle all the remaining issues. The gameplay itself is ready, I'm mostly left with connecting all the pieces, scripting some events and spicing things up.

The funny thing is that I currently have no music for the game, and with the musician taking his sweet time, there's a very high chance that the game will be ready but without any music, and its release will be postponed just because of that.

So if some bored musician happens to be reading this and is willing to give my guy a hand, that would be great. Also my request from a long time ago is still valid: if you ever made some critter that never got its fame in a finished project, or you just feel like contributing, I'd love to see your little ones walking around my world.

That's it for now. Here, have a screenshot:

New screenshot and more...
Posted 7th May 09, by Ecstazy 1 Comment
Oh, hello there!
Here I am, posting an update on the little game called Amongst Strangers.
I'll start by making you soft with a new screenshot (keep in mind this is work in progress, especially that bland grey background):


OK, now to other business. The guy that's helping me out with some graphic stuff and scene enrichment is only partially available for that job, and while he does deliver once in a while, it still feels like a shame that the project isn't moving faster with more locations and pretty stuff to look at. I try to do my part with some objects, but sometimes I draw something and it just looks so bad I'd rather not have it at all.

So if anyone's interested in contributing some scenery, interesting critters and other various things, it would be great. I actually think it would be pretty neat if the world would be filled with critters made by many different people, so even if you feel like contributing just some wandering animal it would be nice as well.

Feel free to contact me via comments, PM or the email that's in my profile.
Oh hi!
Posted 24th Jan 09, by Ecstazy 9 Comments
This is a side project I've been working on in my spare time since October. I really didn't expect it to evolve into a game of that caliber and thought I'll finish it in about a month, but ideas keep coming up and I'm constantly expanding and improving it.

I currently have about 3 areas that are mostly complete and another area I'm working on, the areas that are nearly complete still need some "enrichment" to make them more interesting (the third screenshot is an example for that).

The graphics are a collaboration between me (mostly tiles and little things) and another guy (large objects like the robot, and little backdrops to enrich scenes), the progress is a bit slow on that department both of us are busy recently, but I try to slip in rough ideas of new locations and some code when I get a chance.

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