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Project: Geronimo & The Golden Clock
Project Started: 13th January, 2009 Last Update: 14th December, 2010
Project Owner: DeadmanDines Project Members:
Project Type: Platform Adventure Game with Tortoise Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview Geronimo is a tortoise, who lives in Vila Tartaruga, so named because it translates to 'Tortoise Town' in the best language on earth.

When a golden clock inconveniently slams into his nice, quiet world, everything grinds to a halt. Literally.

The clock has unleashed a huge energy blast, stopping time itself in its tracks for a mile around. Geronimo escapes its effects, and so by enlisting the help of the very clock that caused this mix-up, he goes on a mission to unstop the stopped clocks of Vila Tartaruga!

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3 23 Still Sad
By: Jess Bowers
On: 17th Dec 13, 17/12/2013 16:21:49
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Boom, Boom, Boom
Posted 14th Dec 10, by DeadmanDines 6 Comments

Got some nice smoke effects and not so nice rain of burning smouldering rocks.

Atmosphere anyone?
Posted 10th Jun 09, by DeadmanDines 6 Comments

Red sky at night, Tortoise take flight

This signifies something REALLY bad's about to happen

There's a really cool fade-in too, as the sky gets darker and more menacing over a period of a few seconds, with music building up
#Lar Lar Lar#
Posted 3rd Jun 09, by DeadmanDines 1 Comment
Vila Tartaruga Opens for Tourists!
Posted 11th Feb 09, by DeadmanDines 3 Comments
Vila Tartaruga is playable!

Well, half of it is...

It's been uploaded to the Download Page, and hopefully it'll be accepted soon.

In the meantime, a screenshot:


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