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Project: Street Fighter: The Engine
Project Started: 7th January, 2009 Last Update: 8th February, 2009
Project Owner: Mr G Project Members:
Project Type: Opensource Engine Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview Street Fighter: The Engine

S.F:T.E. (Street Fighter: The Engine) is an opensource engine that I'm working at the moment. The engine itself is basically an opensource fighting game engine featuring Street Fighter 3 gfx rips. There were relatively no good opensource fighting game engine at TDC (or the link for their downloads died a long time ago), so I chose to start this project. At the moment the game will feature this abilities:

- Basic punch/kick abilities
- Jumping/Crouching/Jump Attacks/Crouch Attacks
- Automatic blocking (When pushing back button and other player attacks)
- Health Bar and Time Counter
- Special Attacks (Like Ryu's: Hadouken)
- VS Mode
- 2-4 fully playable characters

Things that will be added later on the development:

- Combo meter (for combo attacks)
- Ultra meter (for ultra combos or ultra attacks)
- More playable characters (If I can gather the sprites)
- Story Mode
- Intelligent A.I.

At the moment I'm looking for background sprites and character sprite sheets from the Street Fighter 3 Alpha series (The Arcade version, not GBA version).

If you can provide me with these sprite sheets, you will save me a lot of time for searching them at the net.

Here are some moves from Ryu (still in major development):



If you have questions and comments, please post them on the project boards

EDIT: Please check out the latest devlog posts for the real updates/screenshots for the engine. The above explanation will not be updated that much...




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3 20 Spinning Bird-kick!
On: 21st Feb 09, 03:49:15
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Still continuing
Posted 8th Feb 09, by Mr G Post A Comment
Well I will be working on my studies and literally "working" for a while but I'm not going to stop with the project and will continue it and probably release it as an open source

But I don't know how long it will take to be completed. Maybe 1-3 months or maybe at the end of the year :S
So, I had some thoughts...
Posted 18th Jan 09, by Mr G 4 Comments
And I'm thinking that I may stop this open-source engine project and make an "original game" with "original gfx/sfx/etc" with the idea that I had on my mind.

I have not yet perfected my engine so if I do cancel this project I'll cancel it when it's perfected. I may or maynot release it as an opensource engine or you may just get to see it on my finished game.

I'm sorry for this news if anyone had their hopes on my engine, sorry guys
Notice: Need so advice/help
Posted 16th Jan 09, by Mr G 4 Comments
I've managed to find all of the sfx/musics for the SF3:TT, but they are all added into a 1 file of music. So I need to extract it from the others. It's has been pretty hard to do so because I'm not a sound guy and I don't like to work with sound that much. Do any of you know how to extract a part of a song of the songs file (lets say the music is 4 mins long but I want to take out 2:00 to 3:00 part of the music) ?

It would help me a lot if someone knows a solution to this issue
New Update - Gfx/Background
Posted 13th Jan 09, by Mr G Post A Comment
I thought about adding another background for the game and decided on adding the character "Necro" and his arena

Here is a gif of Necro himself:


and here is the part of the arena for Necro:


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