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Project: [MMF2] Luor
Project Started: 26th December, 2008 Last Update: 17th August, 2010
Project Owner: clement Project Members:
Project Type: ShootEmUp Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Preview Hi everyone!

I just show you a small demo today but, it's more a little game than the demo of a particular effect. For this demo, I was inspired theme fairly graphic design web2.0 such sites or the recent Lightway ( ) or Flow ( )


Luor is a small ShootEmUp quite classic gameplay, but with a particular style.

The gameplay is quite simple.

- It remains pressed a button to draw
- You can drop bombs (5 levels)

There are 3 types of bonuses:
- A bonus of fire power higher
- The mega-bombs (Still to be determined)
- A bonus of temporary invincibility


- The game will take place on 8 levels (yes it's still a little game to pass the time)
- Each level lasts between 5 and 10 minutes (history still a small challenge and especially a lifetime correct)
- 2 levels available for background color
- 1 Boss every 2 levels at the end of the respective levels (thus 1 boss per color)

The interest of the game will mostly these 3 things:
- The next oldschool gameplay with fire everywhere and enemies atypical
- The source relatively simple for the Open source
- The design is different lagged effects graph

The game will also be available in HD version with a resolution of 1680 * 1050


The new menu:

The new fund:

The explosion of a party's boss:

The huge bomb that destroyed everything:


- The game engine is well advanced (fire, collision, life, bonus)
- It has several different enemies that works (collision, fire, IA etc.)
- Graphically it is also well advanced with effects of light on cool explosions etc.
- The first boss is almost finished

And like Christmas!

For Christmas, I can not give you the entire game, but against no problem I can show you a demo

I have to prepare a demo of the game that has 3 levels, but no boss sorry ...


- Arrow keys move the ship
- CTRL: Pull (stay supported)
- SHIFT (Launching a devastating bomb)
- ENTRY: Break

This is no more complicated

The little word:

This presents a demo version that is not yet at the stage of beta, it may therefore be a few bugs ... or forget! lol

For example, music is created for the game and if they are not very different in this demo, it will be different in the final version because there will be music by color, even a boss at the end of each level ended a color will be present

I said that this game is not intended to make the best shoot em up all the time, it's just a casual game where I tried to take particular care to finish ... So no undue hardship, no grid projectile that harm the eyes and a challenge for all

The link:

Tell me what you think and if you still find bugs

So, a Merry Christmas to all!

ps : Ouao O_o sorry for my english

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By: clement
On: 26th Oct 09, 08:41:26
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Posted 17th Aug 10, by clement 3 Comments

Hello everyone!

I am delighted to announce the official release of 1.505 version of Luor!

The game is of course, always free and the source should not delay. The only time to transfer certain functions to not hack the scores of the game

Moreover, there was a beta test on scores online, but it is possible that some flaws have remained embedded ... Thank you let me know if you find them

The game now includes a download system for automatic updates. Download it and you'll never have to worry about updates!


The game is downloadable for free direct link here:

Or on megaupload at this address:


Do not forget to visit the site at this address:
You can watch all the best scores of players Luor

Good game! I hope that your scores will be awesome! : D
Coming soon
Posted 13th Apr 10, by clement 4 Comments
See the image Preview

Luor website
Posted 23rd Oct 09, by clement Post A Comment

Hi all, today, I present you the Luor website

You can view images & videos and highscore (coming soon with then next update)
New Update
Posted 17th Jul 09, by clement 1 Comment

Hello everyone!

The exhibition in Japan that really attracted Luor world. To celebrate, I decided to add several features to Luor.
I hope to get the new version before the festival of video games: D

New list:

- Management of scores was improved. Now, you lose points if you use the bombs or if you lose a life.
- The new menu makes it easier to check your scores
- The new menu allows you to replay any level you've already succeeded at any time
- The colors were slightly altered, there are now two different colors
- The movement of the vessel has been significantly altered to allow for shorter movements
- The last boss has a final attack toughest
- Several small things that I would show you later

Already, I can announce the arrival of two new game modes:

The boss mode:

This mode will unlock by finishing the game once. It allows you to confront all the bosses of the game in a row in one level.
For this new mode, a new color was added

The dark mode:

This single level is endless and difficult really frightening. This mode is hidden so that only the most motivated to find and play. Attention, the difficulty is really phenomenal!
And to mark the coup, a new color has also been added


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