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Project: Andy's Dream
Project Started: 2nd December, 2008 Last Update: 10th December, 2008
Project Owner: Zephni Project Members:
Project Type: Action Adventure (with a twist) Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview Andy didnt feel like closeing his eyes that night..
But soon his sleepy head got the better of him..
Slowly he began to drift off to sleep..
Slowly he became part of a world he didnt know existed.

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1 3 Oi!
By: Dark Tard
On: 4th Dec 08, 16:08:42
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New Website
Posted 10th Dec 08, by Zephni 1 Comment
Hey guys! This is a new website i made today! You can upload your own downloads(games/examples/music) to teh actual site if you want and i'l put them on the boeard, it also has a forum. But it's mainly so i keep keep you guys up to date on my projects. It's still very new, and doesnt look beautiful yet so bear with me.

it's here:
The Story
Posted 3rd Dec 08, by Zephni 2 Comments
OK i'm gonna give a shot at explaining this...

You are a dude, he is a cool dude... Yet he seems to have quite troublesome dreams, not because they are scary but because his dreams keep getting lost!
Yes... Lost.

You see, when we have dreams, that dream gets created in the wonderful dimension of dreams. (Create object("dream") at 160,120 on layer 1 in world dream)...
People wake up after their last dream, when that dream returns to them, they spring in to life and their eyes open ready for the day ahead of them..

Andy has a problem..

His dream gets lost in the dream dimension, and forgot how to cross the bridge to Andy's dimension and give him his life back.
The King of dreams is most displeased, he gives the dream directions.. But unfortuanatly this lil dream SUCKS at reading maps.. There was only one last solution, "Bring in the subject".. The King of dreams blasted "He's gonna have to get him self out of this one!"...

And so our story begins...
Posted 2nd Dec 08, by Zephni 4 Comments
OOOOhhh! its coming along nicely, we now have a all scary like intro, and then it kicks in with some bustin tunes like a fist in yo face!

It reads its actions from lua and the main engine is done, now i just need more enemys and some kinda hp system. then we are away!
Heres pretty much the first part of the first level.. ENJOI!


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