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Project: Star Beast
Project Started: 15th September, 2008 Last Update: 9th July, 2009
Project Owner: Ravi Jayant Project Members: Vijay Jayant
Project Type: Space Shooter Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview In the far future, humanity has finally mastered space travel, enabling us to travel the stars in search of the big question: Is there life out there?

We searched and searched until we finally found an amazing lifeform which we called Wyverns. These creatures reached out to us, asking for our help. The Wyvern were dying.

Humanity tried hard to save the species but we only managed to save one. Angered by the demise of his species, Rahu bellowed out to all of humanity, "You will all pay for the death of my species!". With that he disappeared for many decades.

Humanity began colonizing on the planet of the Wyverns, forgetting the word of Rahu.
We called the planet Wyver

After many decades, attacks started raining down on the Planet Wyver. Rahu was behind these terrible attacks. Rahu had nearly destroyed all of the colonies on Wyver and started reigning his attacks on earth, until Humanity finally unleashed its final weapon, The Drac-01 Project.

This lone warrior ventured out into open space seeking Rahu to stop him once and for all and give humanity hope.

You are in control of the Drac-01. Use five of the universe's most lethal weapons ever created to plow through five intense stages

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Graphical Uplift
Posted 9th Jul 09, by Ravi Jayant 3 Comments



Last night we were working on the game and I had this great idea... so I fired up Photoshop and started messing around with ideas and I came up with a cool looking user interface design. In my opinion, it makes everything look more professional.


Let me know what you guys think!

Ravi Jayant
VR Studios
Posted 8th Jul 09, by Ravi Jayant Post A Comment
Hey everyone,

We have just finished programming the story sequence of the game and we have some screenshots to prove it!

I will be updating the backgrounds as soon as Franck gets them anti-aliased. I will also be posting up some samples of the new and updated music.

This game is finally almost finished. Thanks for all your support and I hope you will all like the finished product!

Ravi Jayant
VR Studios


Still alive!
Posted 1st Jul 09, by Ravi Jayant Post A Comment
Hey everyone,

Sorry about not updating for a long long time... but the project is still underway. I just had a lot of personal stuff to take care of recently, but now everything is good now and the project is back on track! Expect to see a new trailer soon.

Ravi Jayant
VR Studios
1st Place!
Posted 7th May 09, by Ravi Jayant 3 Comments
Hey everyone!

So remember how I was saying that we were going to submit this game into a competition my collage was having... WELLL we got first place!

We were competing against two games in the same category and we came out the victor!

I will post pictures of the event once I get them!

Thanks for all your support and kind words!
Ravi Jayant
VR Studios

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