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Project: Scrolling Survivor
Project Started: 1st September, 2008 Last Update: 29th November, 2008
Project Owner: Zoglu Project Members:
Project Type: Platformer Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Preview Scrolling Survivor is a platformer where... the scrolling doesn't follow you !
It's up to you to finish the levels while following the scrolling. It won't be so simple, as many enemies will try to push you off the screen ! Fortunately, your character's special moves and items will help you during your adventure.

You can download the 1st demo here :

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I'm still working on this !
Posted 29th Nov 08, by Zoglu 1 Comment
Yeah, here are some news about Scrolling Survivor.
I didn't give many news about this project since the demo was realeased. Actually I've got a lot of work to do these days, and I also have some other ideas : for instance, a Puzzle game, a bit similar to Meteos, which should be finished before Christmas. I'll give more infos about this game soon

However, I'm still working on my black-and-white game. I'm going to make a second demo before finishing it. This demo will include :
- 3 difficulty levels : some players found it really hard to beat the demo, so there will be an easier level and a harder one, for real men
- 3 save files, so you will be able to start 3 games at once.
- A new level, which will be played right after the tutorial, for a lower learning curve.
- An item system : you will be able to buy items with the collected points, which will help you finishing the hardest levels.
- Maybe... an online scoreboard. Of course, in order to submit a highscore, you will have to play in Hard mode without any items.
- I will also try to fix some bugs and to improve the gameplay a bit, especially in the "Choppy Sea" level.

As you can see, I focused on adding more features for this second demo. The final version will include much more levels
I don't have any screenshots now, but I will show you the item shop, and the new first level once they are done

See you soon for more news
The demo is out !
Posted 3rd Sep 08, by Zoglu 4 Comments
As promised, you can now download the demo here :

Have fun ! Please write any comment that could help me improving the game
Two more screens !
Posted 2nd Sep 08, by Zoglu 5 Comments


Here are two other screens. One of them is obviously the world map (the "world" being as island, in the demo) and the other is the last level I made.

A little game : try to match the screens with the 4 levels you can see on the world map

I need to test this last level again (so it will not be too hard ) and to set up some other things, but the demo will still be available tomorrow
The demo is coming soon !
Posted 1st Sep 08, by Zoglu 3 Comments
I will post a demo of this game within the next two days, so you will see if this game is fun
The demo will include a tutorial and 3 other levels; it will last for about 20 minutes.

There will also be some extras to unlock : as it's possible to collect some "points" and to get differents ranks when you beat a level. The best players will have more extras
Also, one of the demo's 3 levels will be unlocked only if you finish the first one with a good score

Here are some screenshots, too.





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