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Project: [MMF2] Chooffies
Project Started: 1st July, 2008 Last Update: 26th April, 2009
Project Owner: clement Project Members: Zoglu
Project Type: Puzzle Game Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Hello everyone!

The Project

Chooffies is intended to be a game and a technical demo.
It is actually a graphic technical overhaul of Chouffy, by Zoglu. Here is an image from the previous version.


Link to the original game :
It's in French, yet the final version will be in English.

This game is basically a ChuChu Rocket Puzzle Mode clone with some gameplay twists. It featured 10 levels in the demo version, but we plan to add 90 more levels !
A level editor will be included as well, and you will be able to share and download additional levels !

The team

Zoglu (Charly Piva) : Programming, Game & Level Design, Music
Fredouille + Blackant Master : 3D Modeling, Animation
Eagle4 (Clément Willay) : Level Design, Programming, Graphics, Effects
Lots of levels were made by various players (including Rudy Versele, webmaster of

Screenies & Artworks


This last screenshot shows some of the new characters and elements. However, not all the graphics are finished, like the arrows.
Also note that the Chooffies (main characters) took many different scary forms, that you can see in the previous devlogs. The artwork presented in this page is the latest form, which is really more cute.

See you soon for more informations !

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By: Mr G
On: 26th Apr 09, 20:31:01
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New (and maybe last?) Chooffies form
Posted 26th Apr 09, by Zoglu 1 Comment




Hi guys ! We are still working on the project

The Chooffies changed again compared to their previous forms, and now they look more cute. Their enemies, the Chooffarks, have changed too ! Have a look at these screenshots (and the screens from the previous devlog) to see the difference.

Also, we started to add new in-game graphics. As you can see, not all the elements have been changed, for instance the arrows are still in their "pixelated" form, but the characters are finished and fully animated ! We will work on the other elements very soon.
First in-game graphics
Posted 5th Nov 08, by clement Post A Comment
Hello everyone!

The project has been delayed, but we continue forever. The model was refined, you can see the result. The menu also well advanced and the engine of the game is being restructured.

The first graphics have been integrated into the new version.


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