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Project: The Never Sun
Project Started: 1st May, 2008 Last Update: 22nd May, 2008
Project Owner: Zephni Project Members:
Project Type: Platform/Rpg Project Progress:

Project Overview  
~ Hey! The new engine has taken me a good few weeks of hardcore Klikin! but im finaly happy enough to start putting the graphics in again. YAY!

You can now collect weps and swim move blocks you know the works.
The game now for some reason has swords and projectiles as weps even though that wasnt planned.. it just kinda happend.
You can also level up and this effects your max hp and strength.

Entire new interface and hud, and everything saves and loads perfectly.
I'd say this is a explorative side-on rpg platformer dealy, with hidden areas with secret weps like swords that cut ya face off and the like.


Working on tilesets and level design now!

Il, write in the basics of the story sometime very soon.

This pic is very near the start of the game! hence the no wep and lev 1.


- Enjoi -

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By: <b><i>Zephni</i></b>
On: 3rd May 09, 18:08:20
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Posted 22nd May 08, by Zephni 2 Comments
~ I duno what your so happy about.

Finaly the engine is done! (alough its most probly not....) So level design is one of my main interests now.
also ive got a freind who made the char for me with some concept i gave him. and i like the simple look his got.

Enemy designs need doing now, as you can see in the screenshot up there somewhere they still only show as blocks!

Me n'said friend are getting ahead with the story, i will let ya'l know about it soon i jus really wana get it all proper first (that makes NO sence)

So yeah anyway, so far ive created about 5 weps, 2 guns and 3 swords.. i duno why i have guns.. i'm not really that kinda guy, i much prefer swords, but i wanted some kinda projectile, n i started drawing and it happend. so there!

Heres a screen shot of dude with a gun. the detail of the weps will be displayed in that box uper left, and the wep in his hand wil only be changed minorly with each thing his holding.


yeah i'm gona stop talking now
I got MMF2 dev finaly!
Posted 2nd May 08, by Zephni Post A Comment

~ Now to import the game &.....

Nope.. ive gon and started the engine again .
Its like freaking comment city! but i just want to be able to be in complete control.. and most probly take the best part of a week, just touching up the engine to perfection. The i'l import the graphics from the MMF version and keep the dialogue engine. Along witht he camera engine coz i like that.

Yeah so thats about it..

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